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Atari 2600 (Starpath Supercharger)
Starpath (1983)
Yeah, Breakout on the Atari 2600 is fine, but what if you had better graphics and more interesting levels? You'd have Fireball!

Okay, Fireball is just a fancier Breakout. It still uses the dumb old paddle controller, but it has some extra modes and the increased ROM of the Supercharger allows for a tiny amount of story to be added to the game. You see, in this version, you're some kind of fire juggler and shooting the ball at the blocks. If you drop one, out comes the hook and off the stage you go. It's not the best story, but the added modes and variation of this Breakout clone give it some extra juice, for sure.

Don't drop the Fireball!

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Last updated: 07/06/2021
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