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Atari (1979)
The neighbor across the street from me had an Asteroids cocktail arcade cabinet, I'm pretty sure. I think he also had a mustache.

Asteroids is definitely a game that has been copied a million times. Playing the arcade version on those vector graphics is an experience that is vastly different than the copies though. It just looks cooler and feels more correct.

The game is pretty simple: Don't die. Asteroids are headed for your ship from every direction and you've just got a little pea-shooter to blast those things into smaller bits which then head out randomly as well. Good reactions and timely trigger finger will let you live until you don't anymore. Apparently the current record holder played for 60 hours, which is... wow. I mean, the game is pretty fun for maybe 20 minutes, so I guess I'll never be setting a record.

1979, man. Crazy times.
Last updated: 06/19/2021
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