◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Solebon llc (2014)
Pretty fun and interesting for about 2048 seconds.

If you haven't heard of 2048, it's a puzzle game where you slide to smash equal blocks together and they add up to powers of 2 (obviously). I'm surprised the New York Times hasn't purchased (or cloned it) it and added it to their puzzle section, actually, as it was just about Wordle-level popular about ten years ago. It's easy to access and gets moderately difficult unless you look up a strategy guide. Then, you'll see there's not a ton of difficulty to get a good score, but there is still a small community out there searching for high scores and large tiles. Must be exciting for them.

As with all puzzle games for me, I do pretty well at the start but don't have the perseverance to do better than that. One of my math nerd colleagues stuck with it much longer than I did but it didn't spend long on the part of my phone I look at, even with social pressure. It had a good run and I'm sure it will pop up in some retro game content in the future, where us olds will say "Oh yeah, I remember that game!" and then go back to our nap.

If you like a simple puzzle and haven't played it yet, it might be worth a power-of-two minutes of your time...

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Last updated: 02/20/2024
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