Pac Man
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Midway (1980)
Let's just get this out of the way at the start, Ms. Pac Man is better.

Regular ol' Pac Man is fine and if it's in the arcade I'm pounding sodas in, I'll definitely put a quarter or three in, but it's just not as fun as the changing mazes and cutscenes of the lady version. I mean, don't get me wrong, the sounds are iconic, the gameplay is smooth and fast, and as the game gets harder it will eventually give you a stress heart attack and you'll die in real life.

I do have a fun story about Pac Man, though. As a child we spent a week or two at a central Washington lakeside campground/"resort". They had a little concrete shack that held the laundry machines and about three arcade cabinets. One glorious year, we figured out how to cram our tiny hands behind the coin slot door to activate the credit switch. For those two weeks we were tiny royalty doling out free credits to ourselves and leave the machine ready to play for the next kids. We never really got good at Pac Man, but we got good at life.

Still, Ms. Pac Man is better.

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Last updated: 10/31/2021
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