Battlefield 2042
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Playstation 5
Electronic Arts (2021)
I mean, really, who cares?

Honestly, I can't be bothered to care about this game. I tried it out a couple times both solo and with online people, and I just... don't care. I'm a late adopter since I waited for it to be included in PS+, so it looks fine and it does all the things that a pretend-to-be-in-the-military game should do these days, I think. Yet, the real world is basically on fire and a future for our society looks pretty bleak, so aiming the little crosshairs at some moving pixels and collecting different colors of guns and hats or whatever seems like a pointless waste of time.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've played a bunch of the other war training games and didn't mind them back then. Being in video game war is exciting and entertaining. This particular brodown doesn't seem to bring a lot of new things other than infinity menu options crammed on one screen and maybe some vehicles or something? I guess the games have 128 players, but it doesn't feel like it, at least 2 years after release. In general, it seems like you just play the same wargames as always and a tiny child avoiding their homework instantly kills you from some secret spot that you haven't learned about yet. Maybe that's the part I don't have patience for these days: to have fun at this type of game you have to get decently skilled at this type of game, which requires you to get shot many, many times. Add this learning curve to the lack of any kind of motivation to play, and... I'm out. The graphics seem nice, though.

Why is it called 2042, anyways? It isn't set in the near future, is it? I must have missed the story while searching through menus to pick an incrementally better shooty-thingy. Ugh, I'm going to go delete this off my drive now.

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Last updated: 08/04/2023
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