LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Playstation 5
Warner (2022)
This game brings balance to the... jokes and fun!

The internet was saying that this game is good. So, I used some gift cards and actual money to purchase it. In this case, friends, the internet was not wrong.

There are two types of people in Star Wars fandom, I think. Those that get so fired up about cast or plot decisions that they post on right-wing-enabling social media sites and cause harm to... well, everybody, and those that enjoy the content or say "oh, it's just a movie." As a Star Wars tattoo-having individual, you might think I'd get riled up about how this film or that season of that show is the worst, but it turns out, it is just entertainment, folks. Lego Star Wars absolutely gets that school of thought and is better for it. Tons of in-universe jokes (like Luke's obsession with blue milk, for example) that gently lampoon the franchise while still honoring the joy that exists in the Star Wars universe. As my own thumbing of the nose to the keyboard warriors, I tried to include most of the hated characters in my party as much as possible. A Jar-Jar, Rose Tico, Emperor Clone, Wicket, Topless Kylo Ren, Salacious Crumb team is... well, it isn't great, actually, but screw those guys.

Apart from the jokes and the recognizable universe, this game has plenty of gaming things to like, as well. It is enjoyable for me to play as your favorite characters and is definitely for folks who like collecting. Playing through all nine movies was enjoyable for someone that has seen them all lots of times. There are greatly varied mechanics for characters on the planets, in hijacked capital ships, or in any of numerous other ships that allow a player to find their own style. You can be uncivilized and use a blaster or classy and just headbutt people as an astromech droid, you can also climb, grapple, glide, jetpack, use the force... everything but swim, really. I probably could have upped the difficulty a notch, but solving the platforming puzzles and finding the characters, ships, kyber blocks, and secrets without just looking up the quest online was enough for me. (I did cheat for the two cheat code characters. Also, love that cheat codes are in this game!)

However, the joy of collecting and side quests isn't for everyone. There are approximately billions and billions of puzzles, quests, events, and things to find in this game. If you're a completionist, you'll have to put that need aside or spend your whole summer on just this game. There are also some minor control/camera annoyances (riding a Fathier on Canto Bight was my least favorite), the game did crash once on me (to be fair, it was in rest mode or being played for several days), and I wanted a little more info about how characters behaved differently. For example, I think Wicket is faster than Obi-Wan (Ep III, with cape), my favorite duo in my playthrough, but I wasn't really sure.

Overall, I had a good time playing this game, chuckled a bit at the jokes, unlocked all the characters and ships, ended up with 15 billion studs, and maybe I'd even dive back in for some DLC? If it comes around on PS+, that is.

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Last updated: 07/27/2023
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