Endling: Extinction Is Forever
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Playstation 5
HandyGames (2022)
Woof. I knew it was going to be sad, but... dang.

A game about a fox with a name that includes "Extinction Is Forever" is going to be rough on the ol' feelings, for sure. The game drops you right in to the sadness for the fox family, adds in some frantic hopelessness, then you slowly realize the game is sad for basically every character in it, and then you remember that the skies outside are full of wildfire smoke and we're all witnessing the start of the end times for the planet as we know it... and then you get to the final ending you knew was coming... bummer, man, bummer.

The low-texture polygon graphics are nice and the sound design and music are pretty great. I did feel a little lost on a couple of the days and definitely said out loud, "Where am I supposed to go?" Otherwise, the gameplay was fine, but not particularly interesting. Apparently folks are finishing this game in an hour or two, but I took my time exploring and moping around so it took a bit longer than that. I also died a few times as some of the visual cues for danger were a little subtle for me, which seemed unfair, but that does fit with the brutal world that the game has designed for us to be sad in. The game over screen is a downer, as well, of course.

Well, if you need a game to help you lean in to your sadness about how we've treated nature, pick this up. If you are out there rollin' coal in your truck and/or don't care about the impending end of life on Earth, just stick with Call of Duty or whatever.

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Last updated: 08/28/2023
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