Black Desert
◉ ○ ○ ○ ○(1/5: terrible)
Playstation 4
Pearl Abyss (2019)
Too much of everything!

My god, this game is a mess. Maybe I joined the community too late to understand what is happening, but even starting the game was a confusing assault of tiny-fonted menus directing me to various servers with a billion different stat differences I guess? Then to character creation, where I got to pick from no less than 100 different character classes. By the time I got to the game I was just... tired. We get a cut scene that weirdly has pop-in and blurring issues? And then the game blasts you with side menus and popups and other stuff that doesn't seem to matter or maybe is vitally important? I don't know. I hit pause to see if there was a way to figure it all out and was harassed with a hyperbolic number of menu options. So I ignored everything and started mashing buttons, of course. I guess I got some quests and even completed some quests, but the notification was behind some interaction menu and my name. A black dot talked to me about something mystical but I kept hitting the wrong menu item to get out of chat and repeating the dialogue options... I ran down a mine and touched a cube that I could sort of see between character name popups and visual bugs and apparently was getting items, but the font was too small to see what they did, so I ran outside, shot some wolves and just gave up in exhaustion.

I guess the devs never learned about "less is more"!

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Last updated: 10/16/2023
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