It Takes Two
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Playstation 5
Electronic Arts (2021)
Guys will literally do anything other than go to (couples) therapy.

Having read basically nothing about the creation of this wonderful game, I'd nearly guarantee there's a dude behind this game somewhere who was on the precipice of divorce and developed this whole game to rescue that relationship. Look, I get it, us dudes don't wanna talk about our problems. Creating a whole game where a talking book with a Puss In Boots-level Spanish accent therapizes a newly comatose and miniaturized and doll-ified couple by dropping them into softly life-threatening situations that they need to work together (CO-LAB-O-RATE!) on to just return to their normal life is next level avoidance, though. Maybe.

Anyways, shout out to that dude, because this game is great. It is accessible to differing levels of gaming ability yet can be a challenge for either player (from basic gaming technique like using both sticks at once to the challenge of scaling a rotating tower by some pretty tough platforming). It has a number of touching moments interacting as tiny dolls with a big ol' world. The game is never boring since it constantly changes your character skills, incorporates tons of different modes of transportation, and throws mild puzzles, mini-games, and entertainment options at you throughout the decently long play time. The graphics couldn't quite find a balance between realistic and cartoony for me and the story wasn't as heartfelt as intended, so I can't go with a perfect score for this game, but it was one of the best couch-co-op games we've played in our house since Cat Quest II.

Side note... Did anyone notice that the couple had to ditch their sad and weird kid in order to repair their relationship or was that just our own purposely child-free bias showing? Man that kid was weird. Like, just shake your parents to see if they're dead, already!

If gaming is you and your partner's passion and your relationship is at the "it might be time to find an apartment" stage, maybe It Takes Two will save you from divorce? If not, there's always couples therapy.

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Last updated: 01/15/2024
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