◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Playstation 4
Curve Digital (2016)
In a dark world, we could use some simple color, but maybe also a little more.

The premise of Hue is simple enough: use colors to solve puzzles. It is a good mix of some mild platforming and some mild to medium puzzling. A lovely artistic style would be necessary for a game about colors and this particular game about colors delivers a solid aesthetic. It is cartoony but not cartoonish, cute but not cutesy, and simple but not simplistic. Visually, it is crafted well.

As I played through, I started off thinking this game was great and was going to land in a solid 4-star review, but as I progressed I found myself wanting to just get through it. It started feeling repetitive. The puzzles varied, but maybe weren't challenging enough? I did watch a video or two for the last couple, but most could be figured out without too much difficulty. Adding new colors and features was a nice progression, so I don't think it was only the puzzles. After some reflection, I think the music made the puzzles feel more repetitive than they actually are. Each music choice appears to be on about a ten-second loop. Maybe they were royalty-free loops the devs got for cheap and decided just to play to death, but I found myself playing without sound for some time, particularly when staring at a puzzle for several minutes making my plan of attack.

Slightly spoilery bit: I think the mom was a student when she fell in love with her professor? That made me feel a little weird despite the calming British accent the story was told in. Maybe they were both professors? It does say that he's not much older than her, but still... it feels weird and weirdly specific. Anyways...

A pretty and fun little game to play during some dark times while we work on how to get out of them.

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Last updated: 01/26/2024
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