Outer Wilds
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Playstation 5
Annapurna Interactive (2022)
Space: the time loop frontier. These are the voyages of a four-eyed alien. Your mission: to explore some planets and figure out a story, to boldly go where you've probably been before!

Outer Wilds is an incredibly creative puzzle/adventure game. I'm not usually a huge fan of time loop games, but this one had enough elements to make the repetition interesting. Plus, being blasted by a supernova after a nice little tune is probably how I'd like to go in real life.

While the visuals were purposely simplistic, low-polygon style, the story and diverse exploration tactics made the visuals seem more alive. Sound design and subtle music were also key to bringing life to this doomed universe. Though it was full of life, I did find myself just wanting to be done with the game after visiting all the planets a couple times, so online walkthroughs guided me through the deadly anglerfish towards the incredible and weird end scenes. Though, they chomped my ship a few times so I got to see two of the game's several endings.

Would I go back to explore some more? I don't think I would, honestly. This keeps the game at an excellent rating for me instead of bumping it up to life changing.

Maybe if I look away and look back again...

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Last updated: 02/18/2024
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