◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Playstation 5
Private Division (2022)
I'm sure everyone calls this game Tony Hawk with guns but that's exactly what it is.

Maybe dystopian future Running Man + Tony Hawk is a little better? Either way, you roller skate around and shoot stuff, doing tricks to magically reload your guns, as a part of some sort of fight to the death tournament. The game is heavily stylized as a 1970's cartoon with the Atari font everywhere. There is a subtle story of a revolution happening outside the tournament that I would have liked to explore a bit, but the game focused on winning the championship and keeping politics out of sports just like all the oppressors desire.... Anyways, it looks wonderful. It sounds great. It plays... fine.

It took me a big chunk of playtime to get used to the controls. As a long-time THPS player, I kept using button combos from that game and being a little miffed when the character didn't do what I wanted. Adding in aiming and shooting made focusing on tricks tougher and playing the game, overall, felt more difficult than it needed to be. That is, until the Semi-finals when I gave up on trying to progress without assists. Turned on invincibility and no challenges needed to progress and I found the gameplay way more enjoyable! In other words, just managing the controls was enough of a challenge for me to have fun with this game. Got my championship trophy and feel fine having cheated my way to the top.


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Last updated: 02/24/2024
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