◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Playstation 5
Sony Interactive Entertainment (2021)
A beautiful way to punish yourself, I guess?

Honestly, I died too many times playing this game. Look, some people are into experiencing pain - I get it - but just give us soft ones a difficulty option! As it is, I made it to the second boss, almost beat it first time, and then, as I died due to my own clumsiness once again, said out loud, "Well, that's enough for me."

The game is wonderfully crafted and a joy to play (until you die). It looks exactly how it should, the control of the character is precisely what you'd expect and feels intuitive as well as exciting, the sound is flawless, and the DualSense magic is magical. The story, from what I could piece together, seems weird, maybe? The level design is pretty interesting for being a bunch of "rooms" that are sort of randomly connected together. Finding new weapons and alien tech was a decent addition, though the randomness of what you discover and therefore had available to use on each run could be annoying. There were definitely enough projectiles.

I think it needed a bit more of the roguelike feature where you unlock a powerful thing (like the yellow sword) and you get to use it in the next run. Every run feels too much like starting over instead of building on the last one. Really, the only thing that improves after a run is your brain and who wants that?

"Oh hey, what's this?" *DEAD*

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Last updated: 04/10/2024
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