Nobody Saves The World
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Playstation 5
DrinkBox Studios (2022)
Accessible, stylistic RPG with enough variation and excitement to entice most players, for a while.

Nobody Saves The World would have made an excellent Adult Swim or Nicktoons animated series. The graphic style and writing is wacky, humorous, and slightly off-key without being too ridiculous. Characters are well developed and even NPC's have distinct styles of speaking or acting. Everything looks and sounds good as you endure waves of enemies and some very mild exploring of a pretty strange world.

All of this style doesn't get in the way of some solid substance, as well. The gameplay choices are interesting, as you can use your magic to change form at basically anytime to best suit what the world is throwing at you. I found myself preferring a certain form for a while and then reconsidering my build as we entered a dungeon that required a certain skill to defeat the enemies within. Mixing up skills from some forms into the other forms added a level that kept my interest, as well. My partner and I did a co-op playthrough and having a second player made the game a bit less challenging but made the hordes of enemies an summoned demons, zombies, or familiars a bit more hectic. Pairing up builds was pretty fun and working together to unlock other forms was our main goal.

The game did a lack a really compelling story (we guessed the twist kind of early on) and was a bit of a slog if you focused just on completing quests, but overall, it was a decent time in a fun and fantastical world.

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Last updated: 05/04/2024
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