EA Sports FC 24
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Playstation 5
Electronic Arts (2023)
The Call of Duty of Soccer (football) games.

This thing is too much. I tried out the player career and the ultimate microtransaction mode and found both of them unsatisfactory. The player career part was fine and I didn't get too mad at it as a concept and through the implementation. The Ultimate Team mode is a labyrinth of features and modes, but I made a squad and attempted to get new players and even played some games. I just miss the old days of a soccer game that worked mostly right and wasn't too complex to play or figure out how to play. This behemoth franchise seems to keep adding instead of improving and I'm not sure more is better in this case.

The gameplay is something to really consider avoiding though, as it can't find the balance between fun and simulation. Either my pixel teammates would run next to an attacker for half the pitch or they would run away from their mark right after I switched to them (user error, but still annoying). The images are so tiny on my small screen that I could be playing as my favorite player or I could be controlling a stack of opossums in a green jersey. At any rate, getting through one season of career mode was too tedious and I had no desire to figure how to build the ultimate team, so I'm hanging up my boots on this one.

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Last updated: 06/27/2024
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