Lego 2K Drive
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Playstation 5
2K (2023)
Silly Need For Speed Mario Kart (I haven't played Forza) is better than you expect.

It's a Lego game, so you're going to get puns and silliness with your blocky graphics, you know this. However, this game is well-built, the characters are well-developed, and the racing is done pretty well. I only played the story mode (I'm not making a 2K account, friends) but it was entertaining and fun. The world and activities are fast-paced, chaotic, and colorful. I bet if there was a small child running around here, they'd be quite satisfied with this game and the adults in the room could guffaw at a couple of the jokes the kids wouldn't get. Maybe not guffaw, but chuckle, or at least smirk.

The mechanics of the races were your basic Mario Kart clone and easy enough to comprehend if you have played any of those. A the story mode went on, I did tend to notice that I won (or lost) every race by a very close margin and it seemed like whenever I hit turbo, my competitors did the same. The old tester in me wanted to do a slow race to see what would happen, but I'll leave that to others. I zoomed through the story and feel like I probably don't need to return to this, despite the other modes and features -- like building a car -- that I didn't dive into. Now that I think of it, I didn't spend any of the Brick Bucks, which is weird. I also thought they kept saying "Grand Prick Race" because my mind combined "Grand Prix" with "Grand Brick". Maybe this was purposeful? At any rate, it was a fun couple of hours and worth the price I paid (it was included in my subscription, so I think of it as $0).

My nephew will love it when he comes to visit, as well.

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Last updated: 07/01/2024
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