◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Playstation 5
Square Enix (2023)
I bet this would have been a pretty good game if it came out 10 or 20 years ago.

If your mom won't let you play Fortnite or Overwatch or Destiny because they are too violent and you REALLY love anime and techno music, maybe Foamstars has a place in your heart? For a grizzled old due who is certain that we are headed towards the end times, a bubbly (pun intended) social shooter has no place taking up precious time before I die in the upcoming water wars. I need to practice my survival skills, not build walls of energy foam to stop "beasties" from destroying whatever an energy core is.

To be honest, I didn't even try the co-op matches because I just couldn't take it anymore after completing the missions for one of the characters. The cutesy dialogue/story is very over the top and not skippable in some sections, which leads this player to really start to despise it. Look, if all you ate was candy, you'd really get worn out on the sugar, right? Unless you ate a vegetable every once in a while, you'd probably want to step out your door with a foam blasting device and "chill" somebody. Wait a second... maybe the next generation of youth will be super into this foam-based non-violence -- since games are such an influence on the youth -- and we'll all be better off for it. Maybe Foamstars will be the secret to world peace? I've gotta get back into this game and build my lounge or change my character's outfit or whatever... oh, right, no I do not.

I suppose the game is a fine idea, but it is just not for me.

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Last updated: 07/03/2024
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