Mickey's Speedway USA (European Version)
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Game Boy Color
Nintendo (2001)
Of all the racing games I tested, this one gave me the most nightmares and physical pain.

Oh man, this game, folks. I think the Euro version was basically my first assignment at Nintendo and it was excruciating. It's not a completely terrible game if you like R.C. ProAm style 2-D racers, but just don't play it for 8 hours a day with regular-sized hands on the tiny Game Boy Color for basically minimum wage.

Probably the best feature of this game is the music in that classic Game Boy synth voice. But again, 8 hours a day of the music is A LOT. The race tracks are interesting enough, the Mario Kart-style power-ups/weapons are fine but not really varied enough, and the graphics are probably the best they could do on the underpowered GBC. The GBC limits the gameplay and "vision" of the track to a pretty small amount, so driving is actually pretty tough until you memorize the tracks, as the turn indicator is very late and very hard to notice at the top of the screen. I recall the controls being pretty bad too, or at least my fingers were indented with D-pad and button imprints for days afterwards. Ugh.

Rubbin' is racin'!

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Last updated: 07/12/2021
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