Mario Party 3
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Nintendo 64
Nintendo (2001)
I was on the localization testing team for this. For one day.

While I was on the testing team for this game, I learned a fun gamer trick. If you're trying to do a mini-game where you have to smash the button as fast as possible, get yourself a cheap ballpoint pen. Lay that pen on the N64 controller button you're about to smash. Then, roll it back and forth over the button while pressing down and you'll smash that button faster than you've ever smashed before. Fun trick, right?

Basically, Mario Party is a board game turned into a video game and filled with mini-games. The games are pretty fun, definitely when you play with a group of friends, if you have enough controllers... and friends. I spent the day testing the multiplayer mode near the end of testing, so we didn't really find a lot of bugs, we just had a day of fun playing games with fellow testers. With that challenging group, it was definitely an accomplishment to win any mini games. It was a little weird to be competitive with my work colleagues on kind of a childish game, but once you get past the kid-level style, there's some "real" gaming to be done on this one. Don't let the style fool you!

And don't forget your pen!
Last updated: 07/10/2021
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