Lufia & The Fortress Of Doom
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Super Nintendo
Taito (1993)
Another game in the blur of JRPG's I played in the early 90's.

I'm pretty sure this was a rental game in my youth and we didn't own this one. My goal as a young one was to play all the JRPG's on our consoles that I could and this game was... one of them. It looks generally a lot like your Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, but the battle menus look different and there are a number of advances to the genre, like tons of items and customization of the order of things and other menus. I don't have the nostalgia for this game like I do for the bigger JRPG's of the time, so... it's fine.


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Last updated: 08/20/2022
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