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Microsoft (1991)
I probably had better things to do with my time than play fake cards. But that's what I did.

My first year of college, I was stuck with a crappy x86 PC. I know, "Boo hoo, you had a computer!" I'll acknowledge my privilege here. I will say I spent more time on the Mac and Unix computers in the lab once I found those, but that PC did get some work and game time done. Since FreeCell was included with Windows, I played that a bit, for sure. It's a version of Solitaire that claims to be always winnable (apparently only 1 of the 32,000 included in Windows is unwinnable and 8 in the first million possible deals...) and is pretty good for whiling away the hours while you wait for someone to invite you to a party or whatever college kids do. I wish it had a cool winning animation like Windows Solitaire, but the congratulations menu does okay.

Why does that King guy look so smug when you win?

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Last updated: 07/07/2021
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