"Wish I Never Loved You"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Rock 7" vinyl
Damaged Goods damgood 261 (2006)
I paid $4.97 for this record.
Oh Buzzcocks. You old-ass British punks. Hell yeah, I'll pick up a new single! I'm sure you'll still be doing the same thing as you have since 1976. Peppy rock songs about girls. Pseudo punk or new wave leanings, but still rooted in some glam. This particular single, "Wish I Never Loved You" fits that bill perfectly. Upbeat and repetitive, about a girl, and those unmistakeable nasally vocals that underly all of the pop-punk that I grew up on. This does lean a little more glamourosly than I like, with some layers of backing vocals in there (maybe the woah oh oh oh punks took this from you too?) but, still, you're doing alright, old guys.

The B-side is more 80's INXS than the front side during the verse and then blasts into a doubled repetition of "Don't matter what you say" that could be the chorus for any big rock band from the late 70's/early 80's if it were not for the simple guitar high notes. The fade out really seals the 80's radio-ready feel.

But then, a live recording of Love Battery brings back the memories of classic Buzzcocks that I was looking for. More frantic and fun. That British punk sneer tempered by an edge of silliness or nonchalance in delivery that makes the whole process more charming than dangerous. While the real punks are out being angry, Buzzcocks are having fun, it seems. That being said, one live track is not enough to rescue the other two from obscurity. I've always claimed the Buzzcocks are best live (yeah, I saw them once, don't get all upset at me) and this selection of songs seems to add evidence to that claim.
A1: Wish I Never Loved You
B1: Don't Matter What You Say
B2: Love Battery (Live)
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