"Hate Box"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Hardcore 7" vinyl
Kirbdog Kd-005 (1992)
I paid $14.5 for this record.
I always wanted to be hardcore. But I'm always going to be a poseur, sitting here, eating my snack pack and listening to hardcore records with a critical ear. This one starts off promising with some cool samples of TV/Movie lines, like I love, but then it kind of grunges along and I find myself wondering if there is anything natural in these snack packs. The singer is mad about something and probably doing that tongue-out screaming that gives your voice that "bleah" feeling. The song slows and channels a little bit of one of Metallica's good records ("One"is the song that springs to mind) and then kind of just drones on and ends with a growl.

The cymbal sound on this record is awful, by the way. Like every cymbal has duct tape on it or something. Actually the whole drum kit is pretty gross sounding. And the bass is blasting away like all the strings are too loose or something. If this was purposeful, I think they were going for darkness. The title track (incongruously on the B-side) continues the growling and dark feel. It's a little more uptempo and has a number of interesting rhythm changes with some chug chugga and some pauses. It still is too sluggish and draining for me, though.

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A: Fade/On Your Knees
B: Hate Box
Last updated: 07/27/2015
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