"A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology"
○ ○ ○ ○ ○(unrated)
Punk 12" vinyl (repress, green marble vinyl)
Go-Kart MTS.028 (2014)
I paid $11.66 for this record.
I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.
A1: Alpha Kappa Fall Off A Balcony
A2: Sir Yes Sir
A3: A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology
A4: Ave Maria
A5: Coal City Blues
A6: Keychain
B1: Even For An Eggshell
B2: Richard Coury
B3: Straight To Hell
B4: Victory Gin
B5: Cold Weather Gear
B6: Clap Hands Two Guns
B7: No Ticket
Last updated: 06/21/2015
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