"Captain, We're Sinking / Spraynard"
◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ○(4/5: great)
Emo 7" vinyl (90/200, hand numbered, cardboard screenprinted cover)
Creep CRP111 (2008)
I paid $13.22 for this record.
For some reason, I'm obsessed with collecting the Spraynard back catalog even though it's all re-released on a compilation album. I have problems. That's why I pay $13 for a limited edition 7", I guess. I just like those Spraynard cats a bunch. Well, now I'm going to ruin the value of it by playing this thing. Here goes.

Captain, We're Sinking side:
Acoustic guitar and dude singer. I heard emo-folk is a thing. Maybe this is it? This dude is tearing it up, ragged and on the edge while still keeping melody. If Dashboard Confessional is your thing, this would be like early Dashboard demo tapes where Chris Carraba still felt all the feelings and wasn't just basking in the glory of being good at pretending to be bad at relationships. According to the credits, there are two guitarists and vocalists, so be ready at the end of "More Tequila, Less Joe" when the two similar voices finally overlap for some tremendous harmonies on the finale of a song about possibly carrying a terminal disease and a line that goes "Something's swimming in my bloodstream" and awesomely captures that fear of some future genetic malady coming to kill you. And then their third track is similarly emotional and powerful with the repeated outro of "We let them get in our heads..." This side is pretty great, folks, and I'm definitely adding Captain, We're Sinking to my wantlist, 8 years after this was released.

Spraynard side:
The Spraynard side is the raucous and raw and rhythmic band that I know and love. "Are You Ladies Famiilar With The Work Of Zack & Cody" is a fantastic singalong and includes some sweet little guitar riffs that give you just enough melody to qualify it as emo, I guess, but also as kind of pretty in its own way. The second track continues the head bobbing and slightly off-key vocals alternating with more ragged almost screaming until the bridge quiets it down and throws in some familiar guitar work that could be from the Get Up Kids first record or something from that same era. Their last track isn't my favorite, but is still is pretty decent.

Well, I guess this slab of vinyl was probably worth that $13 after all. These are some pretty great songs!
A1: KMDCaptain, We're Sinking
A2: More Tequila, Less JoeCaptain, We're Sinking
A3: Roar ResponsiblyCaptain, We're Sinking
B1: Are You Ladies Familiar With The Work Of Zack + Cody?Spraynard
B2: Just Like MexicoSpraynard
B3: '84 SheepdogSpraynard
Last updated: 05/03/2020
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