"Go To Waste"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Indie 7" vinyl (pink vinyl, /1000)
Polyvinyl PRC-9225 (2015)
I paid $10 for this record.
This sounds pretty professional for being recorded on a 4-track. Maybe it's easier to record keyboards and drum machines on a 4-track. And the vocals are layered with enough effects and possibly faux-British accents that you can't even tell if the quality of the recording is a problem.

The first track is a disaffected chillwave sort of thing. Cool for fans of early 80's new wave or Depeche Mode or something. Pretty boring for me, though. The B-side is a garage-band vocals over backwards loops of buzzy noises and samples, which is sort of interesting, but I just listened to it about a minute ago and I've already forgotten most things about the song. +1 for recording quality, though.
A: Go To Waste
B: Lead Huffer
Last updated: 08/04/2016
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