"Some Kind Of Cadwallader"
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Emo 12" vinyl (repress on band's label in 2012)
Hot Green HGR003 (2008)
I paid $12 for this record.
If anybody reads this, I'm probably going to get some concern about not rating this record as the best ever. The Algernon fanbase is rabid, I tell you. And it's a... fine record. It just didn't change my life or leave a lasting mark, even. Sorry, mid-00's emo revival kids.

Now, if you've never Cadwalladered before, what you're in for is a frantic, nothing-to-lose slice of underground emo. Ragged edge vocals over twinkly tapped dueling guitars. DIY weirdness and sweetness at the same time. I'm sure they were heavily influenced by Joan of Arc or Pele or any of the Kinsella bros' projects or other midwest emo weirdos.

And again, it's good but I think, for me, I struggle with the same thing I struggle with for some of the Kinsella projects: I just want to sing along and not have to calculate the trajectory of the next incoming phrase or whatever. After I listened to this, the first full length Algernon Cadwallader record, I couldn't recall a lyric I wanted to go back to. Maybe that's because I'm 100 years old or maybe that's because I'm showing up to this party late and should have traveled the road with them at the time. Either way, it just didn't stick.

I fully appreciate the weird choices they made like a chaotic glockenspiel on Motivational Song or interesting percussion (wood block? BONGOS?). The guitar-forward mix that came through my headphone setup isn't really my jam, but I see how folks might like lo-fi drums, distant vocals and a lot of twinkly shredding. Probably my favorite track is the final one on the A-side, Yo Soy Milk, with some solid chaotic yelling and some woah-oh-oh to maybe sing along with. The final track, In Response To Irresponsibility is bananas. Just so long and weird. But tough to sing with!
A1: Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples
A2: Some Kind Of Cadwallader
A3: The Stars
A4: Horror
A5: Motivational Song
A6: Yo Soy Milk
B1: I've Got Piano
B2: Katie's Conscience
B3: Serial Killer Status
B4: In Response To Irresponsibility
Last updated: 07/04/2022
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