"Tired Eyes"
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Indie 7" vinyl (Blue vinyl, /500)
Asian Man AM298 (2016)
I paid $6.87 for this record.
Ooooh, ethereal. A little shuffle and skip of the drums under a slightly unnerving reverb feedback drag you in and then they shuffle under a precise and concise vocal delivery inspired, undoubtedly, by Dolores O'Riordian of The Cranberries, with that catch in the back of the throat and the strength of belief. "Doing what you love won't make you money / Doing what you hate will make you full..." A definite anthem for those who choose the tough path in pursuit of their dreams.

The B-side is a New Order cover, apparently. I never really liked new wave or gothy stuff or whatever, but this is a peppy track with a Cure-referencing bass line driving the disco-eque beat below that Irish folk song lilt. It's a pretty great song and the chorus is a spectacular sing along which, if I'd have heard it in my pop-punk formative years would have been in heavy rotation, bridging the gap between my pop radio pre-teens and my mixtape middle school days. Listening to the original, this is a pretty accurate cover instrumentally, but the vocals step it up a level and, I think, are better. Also, now I get the cover is a direct reference to the cover of New Order's second record, Power, Corruption, and Lies, which, of course, I've never heard before because I live in a pop-punk bubble.

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A: Freedom1313
B: Age Of Consent
Last updated: 05/17/2020
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