"Here Comes A New Challenger!!!"
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Emo 12" vinyl (/500)
Dog Knights Productions / Wild DK132 / WILD-003 (2019)
I paid $25.74 for this record.
I don't understand a single word of this and it doesn't matter. Sure, the tone and tempo make this record seem a little too "smooth jazz" for my emopunk reputation. However...

The first track on this record, 电动少女 Electronic Girl absolutely slays.

An awesome demonstration of finger tap guitar, moderately interesting bass lines, and lightly layered emo vocals (in a Chinese dialect, obviously) with all the volume and rhythm changing tricks to hook you in and make you appreciate the intricacies of life or love or whatever they're singing about. The name "Chinese Football" makes you kind of realize that they're basically just doing all the things that American Football do, but they're doing it so well! I do wish the drums were more technical and there was a little bit more weirdness in the time signature department, but I still feel compelled to hum and tap along.

The rest of the four tracks are less spectacular, but still solid listens for folks who like things clean, twinkly, and emotional. The overall trajectory of the record is great, taking us on a fun tour of variations of their sound, slowing it down after the opener, building it back up with some intensity to start the B-side, then wrapping up with a moderately uptempo jam. The inclusion of a sax riff on the last track is a bit much, but I guess if you don't have a trumpet around you can use a saxophone to nod to your American namesake.

Taken as a whole, the record is solid and enjoyable. Just set aside your punk cred for a second and lean into the prettiness.

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A1: 电动少女 Electronic Girl
A2: 清醒白日梦 Awaking Daydream
B1: 晴天霹雳 A Bolt From The Blue
B2: 盒子 The Box
Last updated: 06/02/2022
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