"Girlhead World"
◉ ○ ○ ○ ○(1/5: terrible)
Alternative 7" vinyl
Pravda West Music 003 (1991)
I don't remember how much I paid for this.
Oh man, this is really bad. I'm pretty sure I bought this at a thrift store in my neighborhood as a small boy and just hung on to it until now. It's sort of a weird attempt at 60's pop rock a la The Beatles, but without any kind of soul. The singer is more 1990's alternative, but too boring and the backing vocals are even more vanilla. I think they think the bridge in the middle is punk -- because it is faster -- but it is really not. And then a key change outro while the vanilla backing vocals drone on about something or other.... Yikes.

The b-side is named "Funk Head" as a clever play on a swear. It's sort of a Red Hot Chili Peppers style of funk. So, terrible. I think the chorus has lines like "Break neck breakneck neck break free". The bridge has a guest singer on telephone-microphone style vocals that should have been singing the whole time but then it just goes on to weird attempts at solos? Well, at least they wrote an ending part and didn't fade out.

Maybe this was a bunch of really high Portland hippies with a friend who ran a record label or something? Or maybe Portland suffered from that same thing that Seattle did for a while: no one can tell someone else their art is bad. Well, we're over it up here (maybe just one more thing the tech bros ruined), so I'll tell you: this is bad.

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A: Girlhead World
B: Funk Head
Last updated: 02/23/2018
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