"Among the Dead We Pray for Light (A Split Seven Inch)"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Hardcore 7" vinyl (Pink Marble Vinyl, /200 (maybe))
Edison / Life edison 006.5 / LIFE 003 (1997)
I paid $1.95 for this record.
Coalesce has a reputation for being interesting hardcore I guess, but the track on this split sounds kind of like it was hardcore written by a computer. Something about the vocal mix that makes the whole thing sound a little like the modem tones for connecting to AOL. The song is almost saved by some interesting rhythm changes and a great outro with big dramatic pauses and the classic vocal-only last note. I still feel like it's going to say I've got mail any second now, though.

Converge, however, are clearly BRU-AL. That's brutal with no T like a deep English accent would pronounce it. Awesome dueling metal guitars and big choruses of angry dudes screaming unintelligible words over ALL OF THE DOUBLE BASS DRUM YOU CAN CRAM IN. It's like a vocal army of zombies running down the street at your hideout in the last standing high-rise and you've only got one shot left. I could do without the fade out at the end, but this is clearly the stronger side on this split.
A: Have PatienceCoalesce
B: Love as ArsonConverge
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