"Curse of Instinct"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Hardcore CD
Lost and Found lf251 (1996)
I paid $3.95 for this record.
Oh man, Krishna Core. Why did these hardcore kids get so into Eastern religion? Anyways, I bought this because Norm from Texas is the Reason was in the band in its early days. He's not on this record, but it doesn't say that and I wasn't smart enough to think about release dates so now its in my collection forever.

The first track is pretty decent mid-90's hardcore verging on early emo. I very much like how the song ends with a massive blast of everything and a powerful rhythm and then just the word "you" in that classic white dude sad and breathless hardcore voice.

Follow that up with a sweet Bad Brains cover all peppy and fast. The Bad Brains version is better, and more dramatic, of course, but this version is alright. And a good contrast to the first track in style, but with a similar substance, I suppose.

Not ones to rest on their laurels, they go faster and higher pitched in track 3, "Blood." There are no included lyrics for this song, so I imagine they're yelling about veganism. It has some pretty fun rhythmic changes and would be a massive song to stomp around a pit to, I imagine, with a great lumbering chorus punctuated by that hyper fast intro/outro that recurs a couple times.

I can't get into Pyro Stoke, a song that's apparently written by some Krishna dude. It's way too slow and broken phrases over just some metal noodling and frankly it must be some kind of Krishna hardcore meditation that I just don't get. I guess I'm not body, whatever that means.

108 finish up this release with a Black Flag cover. It's a bit confusing to add this. It's pretty accurate but that makes it stand out from the other songs stylistically but not in a good way like the Bad Brains cover earlier. Maybe it's just that Bad Brains is better than Black Flag. Also I just noticed that those two bands start with the letter B, I wonder if 108 had a whole repertoire of covers and just started putting them alphabetically on releases... I'm never going to research that so I'll never know. Let's just say it's true! I mean, they believe in some made up deity, so I can believe in my made up theory, right? The two minutes of stupid feedback at the end of this track just makes me mad at them anyways.

Overall, it's an interesting sample of Krishna Core that doesn't totally offend me.

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1: Curse of Instinct
2: Coptic Times (Bad Brains cover)
3: Blood
4: Pyro Stoke
5: The Bars (Black Flag cover)
Last updated: 11/26/2017
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