"Accordion Solo!"
◉ ○ ○ ○ ○(1/5: terrible)
Experimental CD
Asian Man asm130 (2005)
I paid $0.69 for this record.
Weird, man. There's a lot of things happening here. Whispery distant vocals like an 80's new wave band, some horns, relentlessly straightforward drumming, lots of distortion, and non sequitur samples. Everything is real processed like electronic music but it's real instruments, I think. Well, and keyboards/synths. They alternate from song to song. They definitely dive into experimental territory and it takes some patience to try to find cohesive melody or words to stick in your head as they float by, sometime smashed to bits by digital manipulations, sometimes just too sleepy to realize they happened or dropped before an off-putting noise change. Often too slow and often meaninglessly emotional or emotionally meaningless, this collection of songs is often too difficult to engage with. I would be incredibly bored at this show. Which brings up the good news that they only played for a year and then went on to form Xiu Xiu, which I hear people like. This release is just not for me.

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1: Malafuquana Espana
2: Hot Karl
3: San Jose Fight Song
4: I Don't Play the Drumz
5: Gauntlet of Thor the Destroyer
6: Fort Awesome Drunk Tank
7: Helsabot
8: Famine
9: I Love the Valley
10: Leg Show
11: King Earth
12: Melon
13: When You Write
14: Worry Boy
15: Sita Deth
16: House Quake II
17: Sad Girl
18: In the Blue Trunks J.H.
19: Accordion Solo!
20: Gauntlet of Thor the Destroyer (Live)
21: I Love the Valley (Live)
22: House Quake II (Live)
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