"Astro Zombies / Sound Bite House"
◉ ○ ○ ○ ○(1/5: terrible)
Punk 7" vinyl
Poe (1993)
I paid $1.35 for this record.
The insert catalog has a sentence that will explain the entirety of this record: "Please make all checks payable to "CASH"". As mentioned in a previous review, Astro Zombies are awful. They're very weird and the guy singer is bad at singing bad lyrics. Unfortunately, this release reveals that there is a female singer in the band who can actually sing a little bit over the mess of guitar and samples and whatever other forgettable nonsense is happening in the first track. The second song is a decent concept, poorly executed. It sounds a bit like a Blatz song, and is nearly tolerable when taken as purposeful sloppiness.

Sound Bite House are a fast, but muddy hardcore band. They employ driving rhythms and relatively unspectacular guitar work over a standard hardcore beat. This doesn't sound too bad until you reach the vocal layer. Basically, the vocals are reminiscent of the sound a person makes when they are enjoying the act of puking. That deep horking noise. I have no idea what the lyrics are (no insert, of course), so I assume they are about a particularly violent round of swine flu that the band fought off. If so, good for them. I just kind of wish they had been too sick to make this record.

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A1: Old Gin MillAstro Zombies
A2: ScamperAstro Zombies
B: UntitledSound Bite House
Last updated: 01/09/2022
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