"Chad Price / Rocky Votolato"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Alt-country 7" vinyl (clear blue vinyl, /500)
Suburban Home SH-137-7 (2010)
I paid $6 for this record.
I'm not going to mess around here: Chad Price is my favorite ALL singer. "Shreen" is probably my all-time favorite ALL song. I'm listening to his solo stuff for the first time because of this split with Rocky Votolato and it is... okay. His original song is a a lackluster melody, but well performed. His cover of Rocky's "Silver Trees" is better just because that song is pretty amazing writing-wise. Chad puts a little extra juice into that track and, unfortunately for him, it outshines the first track. Other notes are that there is a guy and he's singing with a guitar.

Rocky submits a self-recorded track for his original on the B-Side. His guitar work on "Transparent" is fantastic and the self-harmonizing is wonderful via the thin recording which seems just about right for this song. I wish there was more of a melody to grab on to, as that would lift this up a star or so. His cover of Chad's "Best & Worst" adds drums and electric guitar and was recorded in a studio, but the extra instruments don't really add anything to a pretty short track that I've almost forgotten by the end of it. There's just nothing on this side that moves me.

As another entry in the singer-songwriter retirement program of formerly hard-rockin' dudes, this comes off as a pretty forgettable footnote, I'm afraid. You guys know I love sappy dudes and guitars wailing on about sadness and what-not, but these four tracks don't seem to say anything at all, I'm afraid.

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A1: This CrossChad Price
A2: Silver TreesChad Price
B1: TransparentRocky Votolato
B2: Best & WorstRocky Votolato
Last updated: 05/17/2020
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