"Back to Basics"
○ ○ ○ ○ ○(unrated)
Folk-punk CD
Elektra / Wea (1990)
I paid $11.98 for this record.
I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

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1: The Milkman of Human Kindness
2: To Have and to Have Not
3: Richard
4: Lovers Town Revisited
5: A New England
6: The Man in the Iron Mask
7: The Busy Girl Buys Beauty
8: It Says Here
9: Love Gets Dangerous
10: From a Vauxhall Velox
11: The Myth of Trust
12: The Saturday Boy
13: Island of No Return
14: This Guitar Says Sorry
15: Like Soldiers Do
16: St. Swithin's Day
17: Strange Things Happen
18: A Lover Sings
19: Between the Wars
20: The World Turned Upside Down
21: Which Side Are You On?
Last updated: 12/18/2011
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