"The In"
◉ ◉ ○ ○ ○(2/5: not super good)
Punk 7" vinyl (123/300, with hand colored poster for 7" release show)
Boy Gorilla BG-002 (2006)
I don't remember how much I paid for this.
Way back in the days of me trying to be in a band, the band I was in played a show with these guys. I was in charge of organizing a tour (sort of by default) and I got us three shows in Oregon and Washington, mostly by begging and scamming. One of those was in the basement of a coffee shop with another band from Seattle, The Last Slice of Butter, who we had played with before and really liked. Oops. No, that's a lie. We were scheduled to play a show with them in the future, I think. Back to the point: I told the venue that "we'd be really good together" or "we're good friends" or something. We spent the afternoon bothering people in Salem with flyers we made that day and then played to an empty basement, pretty much. When the other bands got there, the basement filled up and people got excited.

Enough stories. I got this 7" at that show and promptly filed it away, never listening to it until now. I don't remember anything about The Black Black Black's live show other than there were a whole lot more people there for them. Well, this record is a sort of dark, trashy, angry Minus The Bear. But, it's too slow and too disco, if that makes any sense. It does have a great screenprinted cover, though. And my copy has a very cool hand-colored record release show flyer. But the first song is pretty forgettable and then just wilts at the end.

The B-side begins with some mid-90's emo intensity building and then breaks into a reeeeeeeeal slooooooow part, followed by a rip off of the "House Of The Rising Sun" riff. Then, the lyrics start. This is some dramatic stuff, but it's pretty bad.

Be careful if you're trying to buy this record. There's apparently a SECOND BAND out there named Black Black Black from New York. Ridiculous.
A: The In
B: Old Roy
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