"20th Anniversary Series, Vol. 3"
◉ ◉ ◉ ○ ○(3/5: decent)
Punk 7" vinyl (Green, red and black splatter, tour edition, /1000)
Chunksaah CAR036 (2009)
I paid $5 for this record.
Another volume of the anniversary series, another awesome vinyl color. Minty green with black/red splatter. There's another gem on this disc too, but I'll let you find it later.

Ghosts On The Boardwalk is the lead track on Volume 3 and also the name of the album that collects all of these anniversary records on one disc. Unfortunately, the production really went wrong on the version I have. There's far too much low end and everything is all muddled and weird. The song itself inspires less singing along, though there are lots of Bad Religion-eqsue harmonies and woah oh ohs in the background. They do throw in a great dramatic pause in the middle. I also understand why they love this song so much, given that it sounds a bit like a love song for their hometown. Let's be honest, though, it's not the best song on the series.

Boogie Woogie Downtown is another loungecore song like The Mental Bits on Volume 2. Or at least it appears to be. It starts off as a loping, head-tiltingly cute ditty that is just way too clean for Jersey. Unexpectedly, the chorus becomes yelling and sha na na nas and then a guitar solo breaks out. It's just too disjointed and definitely too much lounge.

Probably the only thing saving this disc from getting a 2 is that they included the best song of the whole series on it: Badass. This is the song I've been waiting for throughout the series! Finally a silly punk song that makes you want to sing along and makes you laugh out loud. The lyrics are basically yell something, then yell BADASS! It brings back the spirit of great Souls songs like Shark Attack or Your Mom. It's the real balance of lounge singing over punk music. I swear they said Harpischord as one of the badass things, but they keep the list more dude-centric with things like nunchucks, black eyes, goth chicks, metal, beer, demons, Steve McQueen, etc.

Uke Chek Girl is what you'd expect it to be if you're a dedicated Bouncing Souls fan: A ukelele cover of Quick Chek Girl from Maniacal Laughter (which I don't own!). It definitely a joke song that sounded funny to do, but came off pretty lame. NOT BADASS!
A1: Ghosts on the Boardwalk
A2: Boogie Woogie Downtown
B1: Badass
B2: Uke Chek Girl
Last updated: 03/08/2014
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