"Down in Front"
○ ○ ○ ○ ○(unrated)
Punk CD
No Idea nir 081 (2001)
I paid $9.25 for this record.
I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

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1: Just Like YouRedmond Shooting Stars
2: ApologyAstrid Oto
3: Reach for the Bottle (Live on KALX)Pinhead Gunpowder
4: All FrustratedCosmetic Puffs
5: Don't Do ThatSweet Baby
6: Vice Lord CityRetard Beaters
7: When I WasRedmond Shooting Stars
9: RatsShotwell Coho
10: This Bike + This GuitarThe Blank Fight
11: Stab You in the EyeMundt
12: GhackedShotwell
13: Beastly Bit (Acoustic)Pinhead Gunpowder
14: Rumble Seats + Running BoardsCleveland Bound Death Sentence
15: DIYAstrid Oto
16: Song For K80The Blank Fight
17: Champagne From Her ShoeSweet Baby
18: Redemption SongShotwell Coho
19: ChechnyaRetard Beaters
20: Why Do Modest Mouse Fans All Look the Same?Cosmetic Puffs
21: CuidadoMundt
Last updated: 06/02/2012
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