"Chapter One: I Want to Be Victor Ward"
○ ○ ○ ○ ○(unrated)
Indie CD
Keaton Collective Keaton 01 (2005)
I paid $12 for this record.
I have not reviewed my copy of this record yet.

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1: The Coat Exchange
2: I Wish Seth Cohen Was My Boyfriend
3: I Want to Be Victor Ward
4: Look I Found a Piece of Gum on the Floor; Yum!
5: Joshua Young Was My Valentine
6: My Mom Says I'm Emo
7: How Much is a Shitload, Really?
8: You Gottalottanervew Telling Me My Pants Are Too Tight
9: Hey! Do My Clothes Look Cool?
10: "...We'll Slide Down the Surface of Things."
Last updated: 05/06/2023
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