Our second Doo Wops and our third rally. This time it was ON. Though the two runnings of Crane Creek were canceled due to snow, Taholah served us well on the first day. We had a heated battle for 1st in class with Nate Tennis and Janice Damitio in the black Saab. Nate currently teaches at a rally school and was naturally fast back then. We got him on the first running by 10 seconds, he beat us by 12 on the second run and we took back two seconds on the third run to tie! The tie breaker went to us on stage wins, however, and we won our class on the first day. The field was deep that first day, with 46 cars starting.

Day 2 began with Blue Slough. If there were more tarmac stages, I think we might fit for a tarmac specialist gig. Our little Rabbit finished the stage in 3:14 on the second running, third overall past some very powerful STI's and Evo's (minus a couple seconds for us rubbing a chicane or two). We tried to maintain our first in class, but Tennis beat us soundly on the first running of Pico and a flat on the second running made sure we couldn't catch him. We gave it a good show on the famous Brooklyn stage and cut 29 seconds off our previous years time, earning a 7:23 and a 7:20. On the last stage, we came across Mr. Tennis in a badly overheating Saab just past the finish line. We offered to tow him in, but he got a tow with one of the later all wheel drive cars, I believe.

In the end, we finished 1st on day 1 and 2nd on day 2 in class, finishing 5th and 12th overall on each day.

Photo by Kyle Funsten