They say, "In rally, there are two types of drivers: those who will roll and those who have rolled." The Demonrally Team switched camps on stage 2 of Olympus 2008.

Olympus had some road trouble in 2008, so they moved out east to the little town of Pomeroy. Vastly different from the forest roads we were used to, these roads cut through the rolling farmland of the Palouse. They tended to be a little wider, but a bit looser around the edges. Well, on stage 1, we were somehow well adapted to the terrain and won the stage in our little rabbit. Probably a fitting send off for the old car.

On stage two, we got a bit wide on a series of fast corners. I thought nothing of it and looked down to get the next note and the next thing I knew, we were on the roof. Tom said "Are you okay?" and I replied with "We have to get out." I didn't know where we were other than in the middle of the road. We got out and got the next car slowed and around us and took some time to analyze the situation. Once the car was in the loose stuff, it appears that our usual technique for a save dragged us into an embankment. The driver's front corner dug in, spun us an immediate 90 degrees to when the co-driver's corner dug in and flipped the car upside down, where it may have spun another 90 degrees or so. In the impact or escape, the in-car video set up got dislodged and killed the video, but it all happened in probably less than a second, anyways. We were going fast, remember.

Well, that spelled the end of the lightweight rabbit as the crash was too much for the easily bendable car. We salvaged what we could and sent the rest to the scrap yard. A couple people bought pieces of the car that are still on their garage wall today. It was a fine car, but we hated it anyways. That just makes you go faster.

Photo by me