My first ride with someone other than my brother. Jay Woodward's car was also my first and only open class car (so far). Unfortunately, a bad note on my part caused Jay to set up for the corner completely wrong and then we found some brushes and a barbed-wire fents. We rode out, but had two flats and could not continue day 1.

Day 2 went much better and the powerful FrankenProtege missed out on an overall win by two seconds behind John Lane's monster Volvo. We traded times with John and my future roommate, Jason, for the day and the competition was fun. They won stage 1. We jumped ahead in stage 2. We held that lead all the way until the last stage of the day, when they got us by enough to take over first. It was an exciting day that helped erase the disappointment of day 1.

Photo by Jim Culp? (Not of actual event).