In 2010, Olympus was scheduled to use the Doo Wops roads, so because I missed Doo Wops earlier in the year and since our car was still in the middle of some necessary upgrades, I begged and pleaded until I got a ride with another Californian. This time, I was introduced to Al Kun and his big, orange Volvo.

Al is probably the nicest guy in the entire world and I was happy to help him get a trophy in what I think was his second rally. I think this was my first RWD rally, as well. It went pretty smoothly, but we did have a small incident at a chicane on Taholah where a tree got in the way of the Volvo. The Volvo didn't care too much about it and we continued on. Later on the stage, though, the hood broke free and I checked off another rally achievement as we drove a bit with the hood up before pulling over, strapping down the hood down and finishing the rally.

Photo by Matthew Young