At the last minute, I accepted a ride with Nicolas Schonbeck for his second rally. He was renting the Tabor Acura and I was looking forward to a chance to co-drive the heck out of the car that towed us to service at Doo Wops 2008. We finished the first night in 7th and worked out some kinks. The second day went better, with us finishing in 3rd after a little frustration in the car, but some good talks. Day three went well until the last stage, when a smCr 20 L4 120 turned into a smCr 120 somehow. The fence post disagreed with our trajectory and ripped the co-driver rear wheel off. We were just a mile or so from the finish and it was very disappointing (and expensive), but a lesson I'll always remember: Every 20 is now an "into" in my notes.

It was extremely nice being an honorary Tabor for the weekend. The northwest's finest rally family took good care of Nicolas and I. Their service crew was great and I was hoping to repay them by getting their fancy car back in one piece. That didn't work out, but I still enjoyed the weekend immensely.

Photo by me