The most fun at a rally that we've had in a long time. Easy services at a central location, great local competition, super roads, and great weather. Day 1, we worked on shaking the rust off and finished 2nd in class about 2 minutes behind the spectacular Derik Nelson. For a moment, we were listed as 2nd overall (our highest placing) but a stage was dropped due to massive confusion and delays to competitors up and down the order. Right decision, but we wanted that 2nd place!

So, day 2, we vowed to push harder. First stage, we tied Derik. Second stage, down by 3s. Third stage, down by 6s. Fourth stage, down by 9s. Sitting 3rd overall for day 2 (2nd overall for the weekend), we started stage 11 of the rally. It was going amazingly until a baby-sized rock flatted the front right and broke some things. It was perfectly placed in our line and around a bit of a blind corner. Our Olympus bad luck strikes again! We attempted to continue but loose gravel and the flat dragged us into a ditch and we did some minor logging on the way. Eventually, Adam Crane paused his rally to tug us out. We changed the flat and finished the stage. However, just about a mile from the end of the last stage, stage 12, the diff gave up the ghost and the car had no more go. Another DNF for Olympus!

Photo by unknown