Good buddy Al Kun needed a co-driver for the Cascadia International Rally Cup and I was game to do the whole thing while my brother takes 2014 off. We started our campaign at Oregon Trail, a rally Al has never finished before. With some difficulty, we managed to reach that goal. On the first stage, we pushed a big rock out of the way for the PIR folks right in front of the massive crowd. Mistake out of the way, the rest of the first day was just getting through the track stages and getting a rhythm. Day 2 I somehow got us an early check in penalty somewhere and am still kind of mad about that. But we finished that day, as well. I'm writing this a long time after the finish, but I think day 2 started hinting towards some unfinished build issues. Day 3 brought those issues to a head. Electrical problems and an exhaust leak, maybe down a cylinder at the first service. Finally diagnosed as faulty fuel pump that worked much better when the tank was full of gas. Left service VERY late, but were allowed to continue as last car on the road. Pressed on and finished the rally. Tough event for the newly re-prepped car, but we persevered and finished 3rd in Cascadia Gp2. Out of 3, but still.