Via the power of the internet, I scored a ride in a sweet car: An Audi 80! That sweet, sweet 5-cylinder sound was mine for the weekend! Plus, the driver, AJ, was a nice guy that had helped out a team I was on in the past, so the choice was easy.

However, our results left a little to be desired. Stage 1 went well. We finished mid-pack and 2nd in class and the car sounded AMAZING. Stage 2, the return through stage 1, went a little less amazing, however. A right 3 caught us out and we got into the loose stuff and slid slowly off the road. I probably could have been a little more positive as we went off, and maybe my driver could have poured on the power to get us back on stage, but we ended up stuck in some little trees. There might have also been some suspension/set up issues. Anyways, I tried to push out the car, but we had to wait for sweep. They tugged us out pretty vigorously, but it's a toss up how the suspension got broken. We drove out, but the car was dangerous at speed and, without spares, we were forced to retire. Sorry I couldn't help the team do better so I could listen to that sweet five-cylinder for longer. Ah well, maybe I'll get another shot later.

Photo by IM Photography