I love lists, so here's a list of all my zines and indie comics and stuff. I'll probably donate these to some zine library eventually, because I don't like reading. Or even looking at pictures. Click on a heading to sort. If you like this page, you can buy me a coffee.
Title Issue Author Year Summary Pages
Cometbus: 8 Out Of 10 Days N/A Cometbus, Aaron 1999 Super rare UK collection of stories that probably appeared in other issues. 72
Cometbus: I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2006 Collected stories or something. I read it, but I don't remember it. 103
Cometbus: Double Duce N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2003 A collection of Cometbus stories about a single house. Originally #44, 32, 35, 37, 38, 41, 43 and 45. 167
Cometbus: Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2002 A collection of cometbus issues in one giant paperback. Issues #24-42 + early stuff. 608
Cometbus: Add Toner: A Cometbus Collection N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2011 A collection of modern cometbus issues, #44-48 368
Absolutely Zippo: A Fanzine's Anthology N/A Eggplant, Robert 2000 A collection of east bay punk zine Absolutely Zippo. Issues from 1988-1998 a lot
Doris: An Anthology N/A Crabb, Cindy 2005 A collection of feminist perzine Doris, 1991-2001, issues 1-18. 310
Hoarse 4 Moffet, Elena; Wittenhagen, Emily; Flores, Gregory ? A poetry and prose collection from Seattle. Subtitled "End of Summer Field Day" 52
Notes From Underground N/A Duncombe, Stephen 2008 2nd Edition, 3000 copies. A study of zine culture with excerpts and criticism. 256
Brainfag Forever (BFF) N/A Beaty, Nate 2008 A collection of autobiographical comics from the Brainfag zine. Collects years 1999-2007. 224
110|110 N/A Brandon, Stesha; Olinick, Erin; Simmons, Matthew; Donovan, Liza 2009 A collection of poems and short stories (all 110 words long) celebrating the 110th anniversary of the University Book Store in Seattle. 144
On Subbing N/A Roche, Dave 2008 Third Edition, 4000 copies. A collection of stories about substituting as a Special Education paraeducator. 128
Seattle Passive Aggressive 11 Ballinger, James 2014 Local metal/punk/heavy zine. Bands covered: Deadkill, Lb.!, Tacos!. Also a page on DIY venue The Nuthole. 10
Old Man Winter (And Other Sordid Tales) N/A Yost, J.T. 2009 Comic collection: super dark and depressing tales with few words. 57
Xerography Debt 25 Breier, Davida Gypsy 2009 A review zine! Includes reviews of proably a hundred zines from 2009. 63
45RPM Series: Radon N/A Cometbus, Aaron; Fristoe, Travis 2013 A biography of seminal punk band Radon. 43
On The Mend: Spring N/A Gore, Ariel 2013 "This is a zine about death and love and nice pie." A zine about grief via making things, even when you may not be any good at making them. 30
The Curious Case Of The Communist Jell-O Box N/A Hoerger, Michael; Partlow, Mia ? More of a poster, really, but published by Microcosm, so I keep it in my zine collection. A retelling of the story of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg via paper clippings, court transcripts and design. 2
Rhubarb Pie 4 Reiter, Jessica "Red"; Spangler, Katie "Kat" 1998 Half-size ska magazine from Santa Cruz, CA. Scooter-focused issue, articles on the New York Ska Scene, "retro" websites, swing vs. ska dance styles, and cocktails, and band pieces on Unsteady, The Condiments, The Selecter, and a Big Time Operator interview. 14
Canyonlands N/A Garber, Joe 2013 Comic roadtrip and spirit quest through the desert southwest and your mind. 123
Found Magazine 8 Rothbart, Davy 2012 A collection of found objects submitted by readers. 96
Clouds Electric And Seaworthy Sleeper N/A Kunin, Johanna 2005 Not really a zine, but also kind of. It's the sheet music for a couple Johanna Kunin records, combined into a 1/4-size book. Also includes some art between songs. #39/??? 66
Impulse 2004 N/A Various 2004 I think I bought this during my student teaching at Ingraham High School in Seattle. It's a collection of student art and writing in a 1/4 size zine. 60
Toothpaste For Dinner N/A Toothpaste, Drew 2005 A collection of daily one-panel web comics. Mostly funny. 223
New Job N/A Brown, Sam 2002 A standalone full color comic book by the creator of Generally it's about a new job. 20
A Box Of Bunny Suicides N/A Riley, Andy 2005 Includes The Book Of Bunny Suicides and Return Of The Bunny Suicides. Single or multiple panel comics about suicidal bunnies. Hilarious. 192
Exploding Dog 2001 N/A Brown, Sam 2007 Webcomic who takes suggestions for titles of drawings by email and then turns them into full color, one-panel comics. Usually heartfelt or comedic images in a bold, but simple style. 250
Cometbus 56 Cometbus, Aaron 2015 Stories about New York booksellers. Typed out, not handwritten. Bound and formatted like a paperback book more than a zine. 112
Sensitive Monsters 2 Gordon, Marty 2015 Bold and dark sketches of, as the title states, sensitive monsters. 22
Sensitive Monsters 1 Gordon, Marty 2014 The first issue of bold and dark sketches of particularly sensitive monsters. 23
I Think Our Friend Dan Might Be A Dolphin N/A Stanton, James The 2015 1/4 size comic zine about some guy named Dan. He might be a dolphin. By the creator of Gnartoons, but I don't think this is an official issue or anything. 18
As You Were 4 Clem, Mitch; Ehrlich, Avi 2015 Collection of comics centered around the punkhouse. 117
Doris 6 Crabb, Cindy ? 1/4 size issue, perzine and feminism. I really wanted to do a better job at making this list and showing off my knowledge of zines, but I haven't even read this one. I'm just a crappy collector, I guess. 46
Doris 8 Crabb, Cindy 1997 Comics and stories and left-wing politics. 38
Doris 9 Crabb, Cindy ? Drawings and stories of travel in the Yukon 26
Doris 10 Crabb, Cindy 1998 Drawings and stories of travel in Siberia, Chechnya and Norway 26
Doris 11 Crabb, Cindy ? Back to anarchism and personal politics. 30
Doris 12 Crabb, Cindy ? Deeply personal, this one. Stories of abortions and relationships and the like. 1/4 size format. 52
Doris 13 Crabb, Cindy ? Stories! 30
Doris 14 Crabb, Cindy ? Comics and stories and protest. 30
Doris 15 Crabb, Cindy ? DIY anti-depression issue. Almost entirely comics. 26
Doris 16 Crabb, Cindy ? 1/4 size once again! Stories of punk politics. 32
Doris 17 Crabb, Cindy 2001 Reprinting of old stories and comics. 66
Doris 19 Crabb, Cindy 2002 Stories about topics that begin with A, B or C. Anarchism, abortion, boats, books, etc. 34
Doris 20 Crabb, Cindy 2002 Continues the "encyclopedia" series, topics that begin with D-G. Deserts, emergency, fishing, Gainsville, etc. 30
Doris 21 Crabb, Cindy 2003 Volume 3 of the "encyclopedia", stories and comics with titles that begin with G-I. Girl gangs, how to numb yourself, hell, gender etc. 30
Doris 22 Crabb, Cindy 2004 Volume 4 of the "encyclopedia," I-K stories. Interviews, jokes, just in case (emergency contraception), etc. 31
Doris 23 Crabb, Cindy 2006 The "encyclopedia" set continues: L-O. Love, Menstrual Extraction, Ocean, etc. Published by Microcosm. 32
Doris 24 Crabb, Cindy 2007 I think this continues the "encyclopedia". Stories are Ohio, Politics, Power, Punk, Protection, etc. 31
Doris 25 Crabb, Cindy ? The "encyclopedia" series seems to have paused at Q. This issue is full of questions and a story called Quitting. 28
Doris 26 Crabb, Cindy ? Stories and comics with titles like Robin, Shy, Social Ecology, Truth lead me to believe the "encyclopedia" continues! Yay! 20
Doris 27 Crabb, Cindy 2009 The final volume of the encyclopedia set. It only took 7 years. Stories and comics U-Z, + a little more. 25
Doris 28 Crabb, Cindy 2011 A collection of stories by Cindy and a few contributions from others. Topics include racism, buying land, and turning 40! 30
Doris 29 Crabb, Cindy 2012 I love how this zine keeps switching formats. Back down to 1/4 size for this issue. Topics like Gender Identity, Mini-horses, Voting, Brokeback Mountain and a Rock Camp for Girls. 30
Doris 30 Crabb, Cindy 2013 Community, Book Reviews, Bees, Study Groups, Accountability, an interview with Support New York, and a tour recap. 30
Doris 31 Crabb, Cindy 2014 Cape Cod, Reparations, and Lambs. But not really that, more about racism, vegetarianism and personal stories. 10
Snake Pit Split With My Stupid Life N/A Snakepit, Ben and Clem, Mitch 2014 Second printing with orange cover of this daily comic split zine by two great artists. 50
Snake Pit Quarterly 16 Snakepit, Ben 2005 September-December. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. Literally every day. 32
Snake Pit Quarterly 15 Snakepit, Ben 2005 June-September. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. Each day has a song reference! 32
Snake Pit Quarterly 14 Snakepit, Ben 2005 March-June. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. 32
Snake Pit Gets Old N/A Snakepit, Ben 2013 2010-2012 collection of the daily three-panel comics of everyday punk life. 287
Snake Pit 2009 N/A Snakepit, Ben 2010 First edition, 2000 copies. The entire year of Ben Snakepit's life in 2009. 96
Snake Pit 2008 N/A Snakepit, Ben 2009 First edition, 4000 copies. The entire year of Ben Snakepit's life in 2008. Must have been more popular in 2008 than 2009. 96
Snake Pit 2007 N/A Snakepit, Ben 2008 First edition, 4000 copies. The entire year of Ben Snakepit's life in 2007, three panels of comic art a day. 96
The Snake Pit Book N/A Snakepit, Ben 2004 Big collection of the first three years of Snake Pit. I think the reason why I like this so much is because Mr. Snakepit is only a couple years older than me, so it's like a glimpse in to an alternate version of my future. Includes an intro letter by Aaron Cometbus. 288
My Life In A Jugular Vein N/A Snakepit, Ben 2007 The second big collection of the daily three panel comics. This one comes witha CD sampler of the songs mentioned in each daily strip. 288
As You Were 3 Clem, Mitch (editor) 2014 28 punk comic contributors gathered under the subtitle "big, big changes" for volume 3. 112
As You Were 2 Clem, Mitch (editor) 2013 Punk comic anthology focused on stories of "mosh pits." 88
As You Were 1 Clem, Mitch (editor) 2013 Punk comic anthology focused on house shows! 76
Nothing Nice To Say 2 Clem, Mitch 2008 Volume 2 of punk webcomics turned into punk real comics. Well, volume 2 in name, but there is no volume 1, really. Punk rock! 128
Last Call: America's Great Gone Music Venues 1 Franklin, Noel 2013 Graphic novel history of three music venues that have closed: OK Hotel in Seattle, Dingo Bar in Albuquerque, and Club Lingerie in Hollywood. 24
Gone Girl 1 Franklin, Noel 2013 Intensely shaded comic stories of Seattle 24
The Imaginary Zine N/A Various 2012 Zine chronicling various submissions to the Three Imaginary Girls website. Includes a Mix CD with exclusive songs. 56
Man Of Straw 1 Nordaker, Jeremy 1993? Political zine from my high school. Wide range of topics that hardcore kids would like. 22
Man Of Straw 4 Nordaker, Jeremy 1994? Hardcore politics and music, ads and everything. Pro distribution, even. This high school zine grew up quick! 32
Friday! 3 Beyer, Mike 1994? In high school, Mike lived down the street from me and also played the drums, but was in a way better band. This is his short personal zine with some cool collages. 10
F.O.G. (Free Our Government) 1 DeVera, Matt "Matier" 1996 Another in my high school zine collection. One of my brother's friends had a pretty cool zine and he sent it to me while I was in college. I took an ad out in it, actually. Fun politics both personal and of a wider scope. 18
Menace N/A Goldman, Emma ? Two essays printed in a zine format: Minorities Versus Majorities and Patriotism: A Menace To Liberty 16
Anarchism: What It Really Stands For N/A Goldman, Emma ? An essay by Emma Goldman printed by Infringement Press (001, actually). I probably picked this up at Left Bank Books to see if I was an anarchist. I'm probably not. 10
heart murmur / Cryptic Slaughter ? / 24 Rouse, Benjamin and Giovanni 2007 Stories of social work by a local seattle DIY hero and punkhouse stalwart and stories of Europe by a guy I don't even know. 20
Tea Party 1 Galvin, Sarah ? I think I got this at a reading at Left Bank Books. I accidentally stumbled across these poems and was really stoked on them after the author read them. 7
Tea Party 2 Galvin, Sarah ? The second issue of this poetry collection zine. I remember emailing the author to get notified about the next issue, but that never happened. Ah well. 8
Nod 1 me 1994 Before livejournal, there were zines. I had a typewriter and my friend worked at Kinko's, so.... 22
Nod 2 me 1994 Issue 2 was like issue 1. Lyrics from my band, pop-punk record reviews, zine reviews and a rant about doing your homework. 14
Nod 3 me 1994 This one's really bad. I try to define punk, profess my love for a girl and my love for knee-high socks and other embarrassing stuff. Ugh. However, there's a good article about my friend John, who taught me a lot as a kid. 14
Nod 4 me 1995 So, that professing your love for a girl in your zine thing is a mistake. Stick to what you know: tour diaries, school violence, and pop-punk. 14
Nod 5 me 1995 The last high school version of my high school zine. I had a lot to learn about feminism, that's for sure. I guess I was on a deadline, because there's not a lot of content in this one. 18
Nod 6 me 1995 Went to college, discovered ska music, put out another pretty bad issue of my high school zine. Can't hurt to leave a bunch of copies around school, right? 14
Nod 7 me 1996 The last issue of my short-lived zine. Somebody called my number and left a message that was pretty spot on about issue 6. So I wrote about it and internalized that my zine wasn't really that good, which it isn't, of course. This issue was the best, though. Politics and a bit of the personal, as well as new band lyrics. 26
Ear 2 my brother 1996 My brother started a zine! Comedy, tour stories, anti-racism, and more. Proud! 18
The Heart Is Also A Furnace N/A Powers, Magdalen 2005 Collection of punk-short stories and prose about "bizarre dreams, serene desires, and moments of cracked innocence". I don't remember what that means. 43
Does God Exist? 12 Proofs Of The Nonexistence Of God N/A Faure, Sebastien 1999 An anarchist fights God via the written word. Fun read. Also, it has a cool 1930's font for the subtitles. 32
Trainwreck 3 Trainwreck, Dave 2008? This zine features some interviews with my friend Chunk, who is rad. Also a Mitch Clem comic based on a MTX song, which is rad. Plus, some other stuff. So, this is pretty rad. 42
Unrest 1 Ryan? 1994? Political zine from my high school days. Comics, collages, and a story about rebelling against the high school football coach. Good times! 30
Man Of Straw 3 Jeremy? 1994? Another political zine from my high school. Ave kids, skinheads, environment, etc. 10
Unrest 2 Ryan? 1995? Political zine from high school. Veganism, anti-school, anti-fascism, etc. My high school was pretty progressive, I guess. 26
Sofar 1 Quinn? 1994? Vegan zine from my high school friends. A picture and some hand-written words on each page. 1/2 page format stapled hot-dog style instead of hamburger style. That was a purposeful analogy. 6
Defacto 1 Matt, James, Tim 1996? Awesome dark-ink line art, personal politics, and more high school stuff from a couple cool kids. Got this via mail while in college and was stoked. 42
Damn The Frequency 1 1993? Psychedelic sketches, collage art, some drugs and exploration of offensiveness. I think this is another one of my high school zines, but I don't remember who made it. 24
Spike -N- Floyd's Sick And Twisted Catalog + Zine Fat Wreck Chords 1996 A catalog I got from Fat Wreck Chords. Looks like I used the catalog part, so this is pretty worthless, but I'm a hoarder of things like this so.... I still have it. 16
Static 2 Kawabata, Ian 1995 My high school friend and I were in a band. This issue struggled with me going away to college and our bassist doing the same while he stayed home. Also some stuff about getting a job and loneliness and philosophy. 20
Static 3 Kawabata, Ian 1995 When I went to college, my high school friend stayed home. He fell in love with ska, wrote about some pop-punk, music in general and included some drawings by his girlfriend in this issue. 20
Static 1 Kawabata, Ian 1995 My high school friend made a short zine with a comic, some lyrics from bands, a story about friends and some love advice that was pretty on point. 12
Dummy 1 Jordan, Ian 1994 My other high school friend named Ian came over and borrowed my typewriter and we worked on zines together. His is more political (veganism, abortion, gay rights) and collaborative than mine. He was always a better writer. 20
Dummy 3 Jordan, Ian 1995 Probably the largest of the high school zines I have, with the most contributions. Good piece about the punkhouse we went to (expanding our suburban world by a lot) while on tour, selling out, lots of veganism including a list of non-vegan ingredients, prom, emo, religion, etc. Good stuff. 40
An American Hero 1 Matt 1994? Super political zine from my high school. I should have hung out with these political kids at school more. Political comics and some intense political writing. This is good. 20
Stupid 1 Hong, John 1992 This is the zine that got me into zines and maybe started my whole high school on zines. Or maybe the high school was zining already and John just wrote this as part of the crowd, but he never was part of the crowd. Good bands, some comics, anti-school essays, and I contributed some terrible poems. 12
You Go! 4 Ryan, Bailey and Galen 1997 A ska zine from Santa Cruz. Interviews, record reviews, zine reviews, comics, and ads for little ska labels in the area. 20
You Go! 2 Ryan, Bailey and Galen 1996 1/4 size ska zine with sooooo many checkers. Also an interview with ska band Blind Spot and a description of how Mike Park split with Skankin' Pickle and started Asian Man records, for some reason. Important stuff, though. 20
You Go! 5 Ryan, Bailey and Galen 1997 You can tell it's a ska zine because there's a scooter on the cover. Also the interviews with The Scofflaws and Venice Shoreline Chris, the ska show reviews, the ska record reviews, and the ska ads. 20
Rhubarb Pie 1? Reiter, Jessica (editor) 1997 Full size zine about ska. Interview with Mephiskapheles, and anti-moshing-at-ska-shows article, a quiz on what kind of pickle you are (pre-internet!), and a skins and punks article. A really official looking zine from Santa Cruz. 10
Brother's Hood 1 Morrow, Quin 1994? Another of my high school zine collection. A fellow skater friend wrote a political and slightly personal zine. Veganism, gun control, some feminism, and skating, an essay about River Phoenix and some other more personal stuff. I like this one. 30
Brother's Hood 2 Morrow, Quin 1994 Issue two continues the wide-ranging themes, but borrows heavily from some pre-typed book or something for about a third of the pages. Then a number of stories and pictures about race cars and a few bits of art. 38
Violet 1 Stebbings, Jen and Figurelli, Johanna 1994 Fantastic zine I probably should have read harder back when it came out. Domestic abuse help line, comics, some song lyrics, amazing collages, religion, social critique on fashion and fads, anti-censorship, and more. Pretty great. 22
Violet 2 Stebbings, Jen and Figurelli, Johanna 1995? More awesome themes, like some quizzes about multiple intelligences, anti-fashion industry stuff, some social commentary, but not as many awesome collages. 22
Green Day Idiot Club Fanzine ? Green Day 1994 I loved Green Day from 1991 until... well now, probably. In my zine collection is this zine-sized mailing I must have got from being an obsessive nerd or something. This is a pivotal document in their history, though. This is from just after Dookie came out and just before the national tour with Pansy Division. Too bad I cut part of a page out and filled out the fan club form (but never mailed it in). 6
Coin-Op 7 Inch 3 Hoey, Peter and Maria 2013 Strip Mall (Instrumental) issue, 129/500. A cool comic in 7" vinyl shape of illustrated Billboard hits from the late 50s and early 60's. Cool architectural style. 12
Coin-Op 7 Inch 2 Hoey, Peter and Maria 2013 Your Smile (At The Top Of The Dial) issue, 153/500. This 7" shape comic is a retrospective on radio through an interesting story and an amazing art style. 12
Coin-Op 7 Inch 1 Hoey, Peter and Maria 2012 You Don't Look Like (Anyone I Know), 253/500. This is the first of the 7" comic series set in the 50's and drawn in a beautiful and precise architectural style. This story is about following a man. 12
Cometbus 30 Cometbus, Aaron 1993? This issue contains the most memorable piece from Cometbus for me, the description of punk rock love that high-school me aspired to. Some letters, some contributions and some classic Cometbus stories. 58
Cometbus 31 Cometbus, Aaron 1994 No contributions, just Aaron's hand-written script for pages and pages of punk rock stories. 82
Cometbus 32 Cometbus, Aaron 1994 This issue continues the style that would be repeated in many issues to come: just the stylized handwriting and traveling punk stories. 50
Cometbus 33 Cometbus, Aaron 1995 The classic cop-out episode of every TV series is the one where they just loosely tie together clips from old episodes. Issue 33 is just selections from Cometbus 22 and 23, previously released in 1986. Ostensibly, it's to expose modern readers to the past material. It's also a precursor to the omnibuses that were released much later. And really, it's pretty tough to make a zine, so I should let up. I mean, I bought it, right? 62
Cometbus 34 Cometbus, Aaron 1995 "The official theme of this issue is mail..." This really gets into Mr. Cometbus' penchant for history. That might be what makes him one of the greats: his understanding of the moment in the context of the history that preceded it. 78
Cometbus 35 Cometbus, Aaron 1995? "The short story issue." Cometbus really settles into a style at this point: a collection of Aaron's stories, hand written, no B/S. Okay, maybe the style still varies, but this is the style he keeps returning to. 46
Cometbus 36 Cometbus, Aaron 1996? I think Aaron always wanted to write books, not zines. Probably just adapted his book dreams to the only medium available to him and then slowly modified that format to be a damn book. One thick block of Cometbus handwriting font. 85
Cometbus 37 Cometbus, Aaron 1996? A collection of Cometbus' contributions to other publications. Some of it is typed, though! So weird! 54
Cometbus 38 Cometbus, Aaron 1996? Another story issue. Told you this was the theme! I should probably re-read these so I can sound more intelligent. 54
Cometbus 38 1/2 Cometbus, Aaron Jan 1997 "Ten Years at Gilman: A Scrapbook" This issue is fantastic. Gilman is the most famousest of all the DIY all-ages venue and my band almost got to play there once in the 90's. We'd probably have been killed for sucking so bad, but whatever. The flyer on the back for the Cometbus benefit show would have been amazing: Green Day, Brent's TV, Filth, Blatz and Juke, some of my favorite east bay bands. Anyways, there's a bunch of cool flyers and stories about Gilman in this one. My copy is a little messed up, but I probably paid like $1000 online for it. Sucker. 18
Cometbus 39 Cometbus, Aaron 1997 A comics issue! Not a collection of different artists, just one artist's work collected by Aaron. A pretty cool style, defintely about punk stories and what not. 62
Cometbus 40 Cometbus, Aaron 1997 A contribution issue. I don't know, they're, like, stories and stuff. Is anyone even going to read this page? 62
Cometbus 41 Cometbus, Aaron 1997? More of Aaron's stories: relationships, punk rock, Berkeley, etc. 46
Cometbus 42 Cometbus, Aaron 1998? A massive collection of stories about one punk house: Double Duce. 124
Cometbus 43 Cometbus, Aaron 1998? Another collection issue of articles/stories/comics Aaron wrote for other zines. Zines like Doris, Absolutely Zippo, Slingshot, and more. Man, the 90's zine scene was great, right? 46
Cometbus 44 Cometbus, Aaron 1999 This one's a collection of stories from St. Louis. I've been there. I ate at a place that serves only macaroni and cheese. 32
Cometbus 45 Cometbus, Aaron 1999? I'm no expert but I feel like Cometbus really reached peak popularity around this issue. Like Aaron could just write anything and people would snap it up. Well, I own all these issues, so clearly I'm a sucker for collections of random punk stories and my romantic, outsider image of the punk lifestyle. 60
Cometbus 46 Cometbus, Aaron 1999? A selection of interviews with people who ran and frequented the Dead End Cafe, a collectively owned punk cafe with all the suspected dysfunctions and good intentions. 82
Cometbus 47 Cometbus, Aaron 1999? Aaron switched printers for this issue: no more staples! Still just his writing, however. A collection of stories he calls a novel with the subtitle of "Lanky." I assume it's about a girl. 90
Cometbus 48 Cometbus, Aaron 2000? I'm gonna be honest, this is probably my least favorite issue of cometbus. I spent a lot of my punk days hating hippies and this is basically a collection of interviews with folks who were involved with a hippie commune. Now, I'm interested in the idea of returning to a simpler life, but I'm also trying to recognize my privilege to be able to just choose to do that. And my privilege to complain about those who do, I guess. Whatever, hippie. 68
Cometbus 49 Cometbus, Aaron 2001? The last of the fancy binding issues, this time without a semi-glossy cover. Back to a contribution format, as well. Lots of different stuff in this, as you'd expect. 82
Cometbus 50 Cometbus, Aaron 2003? An interesting format for this one. The front cover almost looks like a checkout line magazine and advertises interviews, stories and a bookstore report. Also some contributions and some typed stuff from Aaron. In the next issue, he moves away from hand-writing all the issues. Perhaps this is the first issue to hint at that? 94
Cometbus 51 Cometbus, Aaron 2008 Wait, what's this typed business? Is the handwriting gone? It's more like a novel for this issue, subtitled "The Loneliness Of The Electric Menorah." Seems to be a chronicle of Bay Area bookstores. 96
Cometbus 52 Cometbus, Aaron 2009 Another collection of St. Louis stories. How punk communities work in one city is surprisingly not much different than other cities, I'm afraid. Oh yeah, there's some red on the cover, too. Color! 65
Cometbus 53 Cometbus, Aaron 2010? There's a little green on the cover this time and a return to contributions in his analysis of punk culture through stories. 58
Cometbus 54 Cometbus, Aaron 2011 Remember back around 10 issues ago when I bragged I'd been to St. Louis. Well, I bought issue 54 on that trip. It's about Aaron going on tour with Green Day to China. It's one of the best issues because it's a relevant critique of how punk has grown up and what it's become and hasn't become and is trying to be and what it's not. Perfect for folks who grew up in the era and now wonder how it affected them or how they affected it. Poignant, heartfelt and honest, just like punk should be. 96
Cometbus 55 Cometbus, Aaron 2013 This issue is subtitled "Pen Pals" and again features color on the cover. This is my most recent full issue of cometbus and I have no recolleciton of reading it. Much of my collection of zines I just pick up because I am obsessed with having a complete set. After issue 54, I felt somewhat done with cometbus, yet here's issue 55 in my hands. Undoubtedly, it's about a city and punk and people and finding ourselves in the worst of times. 72
Cometbus 55 3/4 Cometbus, Aaron 2014 Man, online auction sites really get me. Oh, a special edition of cometbus only available at one bookstore? Sure, I'll pay ten times the cover price for that! Idiot. It's a bit of a collection of articles form other zines, again. Seems like mostly Berkeley stories, as well, which is appropriate given that it was released to celebrate California Book Store Day. 58
Cometbus N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2005 Mixed Reviews. A mini-novel by Aaron Cometbus. Shiny cover and fancy binding, as well as the smaller-than-zine size, set it apart from Aaron's other writing. It's still a collection of things previously published, all centered around New York. I'm not sure why this isn't called an issue of his zine. 68
Cometbus N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2004 Chicago Stories book. Reprinting of stories from Cometbus issues. Obviously stories about Chicago, duh. 41
Top Shelf 7 Warnock, Brett 2002 A comic anthology, showcasing a bunch of indie comic artists. Wide variety of styles, some color, most B&W. 96
Dang! N/A Cendreda, Martin 2004 Comic about a dog's encounters with some different folks. 32
Born to Lurk, Forced to Work N/A Paterson, Alana 2012 Photo zine! Skateboarding and skateboarding culture. Lots of shots of Burnside, so I assume Portland based. Awesome. 30
Pen Erases Paper N/A Wallman, Sam 2013 Intensely detailed comic art and powerful queer activisim. People are literally twisted together in many images, and so is the mix of comedy and poetic observance. 50
How Do You Like What You Have N/A Denitzio, Lauren 2014 Artwork collection from a member of cool punk bands, so this is a record label release, kind of. Cross-hatch art exploring shadows and texture. Also, a poem. 40
Chewbaccalypse 1 Nichols, Shaun 2001 Issue 1 of zines are always great. Even greater when they're written by someone who seems young and pumped to do stuff. This Shaun kid likes coffee and wants to improve the punk scene in Alameda. He also got interviews with Atom & His Package and Joe Franke (Plan 9, Fracas, Axis Comics). Fun story: I bought a bunch of these zines from Joe Franke/Axis via a popular online auction site! Plus, "Chewbaccalypse" am I right? 18
Kill 2 Murphy, Kevin 1994? Jawbox interview and Engine Kid tour story, so that's rad already. Also, the author was in Farside, so that's rad. Then, there's maybe a pro-animal research thing that's just too long to read, so I didn't. Actually all the interviews/articles are too long so I didn't really read any of them. Except that Engine Kid "tour" story because I love Engine Kid. 40
Out Of Step 1 Mouton, Christophe 2005 Belgian hardcore/punk fanzine. Lots of comic sans font and festival/show ads, unfortunately, but the content is pretty solid: interviews, reviews and band profiles. 42
The Girls of Burnt Ram N/A Wolfley, Larry 2003? A chronicle of underground (and therefore illegal) punk club Burnt Ramen in Richmond, CA. I can't tell if this is exploitative or empowering, so it feels a little weird. It's basically photos of girls who were at shows or playing shows at the venue. It's not particularly showing any skin or anything, it's just kind of weird. 22
Go For Seven 1 Kindberg, S? 2005? Bay Area comic zine. The comics are largely about clown jesus, or a couple stories from Oregon about waking up drunk in a field or a girlfriend that won't let you display your toy collection and are pretty poorly done. The cover is nice. Also, this is issue x/50, whatever that means, and the hand-written, corrected addresses are a fun feature. 18
Gadgie 16 Marv 2002 English zine. Why does my foreign zine collection have so much comic sans font??? I hate comic sans. This particular zine is severely dense with text, as well. However, they have fun English slang and, while skimming through I found a story about a party where they were going to listen to Seattle drone-core band Earth at midnight, so I was reminded that the world is as tiny as the goddamn comic sans font in this zine. Also there's some record and zine reviews and football (soccer) stuff. Plus the author really likes Blondie. 26
Death's Car (Has California Plates) 7 Retka, Aaron 1999 Post-college Colorado Springs zine. The punk rock crossword puzzle is sweet (1 across: The Promise Ring sez "Make me a ____"). The rest of it is interviews, reviews, and various contributed columns in carefully formatted, but fading xerox ink. 42
And All That Jazz 1 Peggy Sue and Betty 2003 A duck has a blue mohawk and gold teeth. That's the writing style happening in this one. The rant about Bay Area Mexican food being terrible has the most coherence and is probably the least true part of the whole zine (according to this gringo). There's a couple other coherent things between the word explosions of the other stories. It's also in an interesting format, 1/2 size but not folded over and just one side of each page. 20
#ShoutYourAbortion 1 Bonow, Amelia 2016 This is important work. Issue one is a collection of thank you notes to abortion providers. As a dude who cares about this kind of stuff, I want to do more than just type about this in some stupid list of my collected zines. I want everyone to read it. More importantly, I want everyone to believe it. Click here and learn more. 52
Razorcake 90 Taylor, Todd 2015 It's rare that a zine lasts 15 years, but this is the 15 year anniversary issue of Razorcake. It's in glossy mag size, jam packed with contributions, and has all kinds of fancy interviews, formatting, and ads. Sad news is I have never paid for an issue, they always just get sent to me with record orders. 112
Stars and Scars 5 Jankowski, Elyse 2004 An indie music zine. Interviews (Hot Water Music! My Chemical Romance?), book review, zine reviews, CD reviews, concert reviews, ads. My favorite quote is "Good luck if you end up creating a zine! Who knows; it could be the next AP, SPIN or Rolling Stone!" The zine aims high, that's for sure. I like it's ambition. 30
Fruit and Dinosaur N/A Walker, Scott 1998? I kid you not, this appears to be a collection of photocopied encyclopedia drawings of, you guessed it, fruit and dinosaurs. It's a weird size, string bound, numbered 10/50, and Scott Walker's signature is pretty neat. However, it's impossible to find anything out about this or him on the internet because of that stupid Governor from Wisconsin. Pretty brave to end with Icthyosaur, though. 9
The Afterburner 3 Stewart, Rob ? An indie comic in classic style. Sci-fi and slighlty exploitative scantily dressed ladies. Doc Freedom and Colt Rafter are some character names, so.... 12
Go Away, Spiders 2 Winston, Sammy 2002 A graffiti and hardcore zine from California. A couple interviews and graffiti pictures. Apparently the author was in All Bets Off. 14
Waterintobeer / Gadgie 8 / 18 Luke B, Turtle Tim, Luke D, Marv Jolly 2004 English zine based in Leeds. The Waterintobeer side is interviews and reviews and standard zine stuff. The Gadgie side is in comic sans font so I didn't read it. 64
Life is a Joke 5 Franke, Joe 1989 Poorly drawn comics and a strange, disjointed composition. Sort of like a random collection of nihilistic fortune cookies. I kind of like it. 18
Life is a Joke 6 Franke, Joe 1990 This random collection of stuff seems loosely organized around religion. Still very disjointed and nihilistic. Fun! 18
The Road to War: One-Act Plays N/A Franke, Joe 1991? Man, this is definitely what it says on the tin. Joe continues his nihilistic outlook on life with some pretty funny plays. I wouldn't say they're particularly creative, but they're good for a laugh. 21
Life is a Joke 9 Franke, Joe 1993? It really must be tiring to be this depressed and negative about the world. But it's kinda fun to read, in a weird way. 18
Life is a Joke 10 Franke, Joe 1996 More disjointed dark humor from Joe. I wouldn't read more than two issues of this at once, by the way. 18
Life is a Joke 4 Franke, Joe 1989 "Stories, Comics, Art, Crap." reads the tagline. That's pretty accurate. There are all of those things in this zine. 14
Life is a Joke 7 Franke, Joe 1991? I really should have looked at these on different days or something. I'm getting a bit burnt out on nihilism and dark humor. It seems Joe did about 10 issues spread out over about as many years, so I guess that's the secret. 18
Life is a Joke 8 Franke, Joe ? An interesting twist in the Life is a Joke series: typewriter! Still bad comics and dark humor. 18
Manor Threat N/A Snakepit, Ben 2016 Another three-year collection of three-pane daily comics about the life of an aging punk. He's bought a house and an economy car and still can't draw. I'm going to read this on a plane, I'm sure. 286
How To Ruin A Record Label: The Story Of Lookout! Records N/A Livermore, Larry 2015 Not really a zine, per se, but still written by a punk and published by a record label. This is pure nostalgia for me, as I was weaned from mainstream radio on Lookout! Records music and spent a lot of money collecting the first 100 offerings in my adult years. I'm really looking forward to reading this one. 283
Spy Rock Memories N/A Livermore, Larry 2013 Another Larry Livermore book in my recent Microcosm order. I'm always interested in the back-to-the-land idea, but don't have the balls to forgo modern conveniences. Maybe when I'm old. 239
Punk USA: The Rise And Fall Of Lookout! Records N/A Prested, Kevin 2014 A counterpoint to Livermore's history of Lookout as told thorugh interviews. I'm getting old, so it's time to get nostalgic for when America was great and pop-punk ruled the land, right? 191
Just Because I Didn't Leave The Driving To Us, I Got Jailed And Juiced Good N/A Weinman, Paul 1997 A reprinted copy of a 1991 poetry zine about a rider on a hijacked bus. Three different publishers listed on the back: Suburban Wilderness Press, Something For Nothing, and A.T.H. Press. Interesting. 14
Dimestore 4 Pranay 2000 I love the handwriting style in this one. The very precise little capital letters really speak to me. Half perzine, half music zine, an article about a friend who died and an outro about moving out after high school. Well put together and excellent writing. This is a well done zine. 30
Collapse 1 ? 2004 This is basically a 20 1/2-page letter from your really punk friend who is trying to convert you from just a normal slave to the man to an enlightened. It's pretty exhausting. There's also a sticker stapled to the back that reads "YOU ARE IN PRISON". 19
Creepy Mike's Omnibus Of Fun 9 Creepy Mike 2000 There was a while there in the '90's where you could just be a wingnut and you'd be pretty cool. Like, the early alternative days just took all kinds of weird music and celebrated it. When punk got big, things got sort of normalized, so a zine that collects all the weirdness is, well... weird to me. There are interviews with bands I've never heard of, music and zine reviews, and some comics. A number of the bands are Japanese, who tend to specialize in weird bands, so that's cool, too. 38
Frothing At The Mouth 3 Rhudy, Ellen 2004 A collection of short fiction works. It's in a plastic cover, but it's waterstained somehow... The internet says this is eclectic fiction. I'm not sure I'm excited enough by the look of it to read the zine right now, though. 42
Giant Haystacks N/A Giant Haystacks 2002 Combination zine and CD-R. The music is eclectic east bay pop-punk, frantic and poorly recorded with jangly guitar sounds and some singers in another room or something. The zine is the band's answer to Oprah's lifestyle magazine and has a little taste of every punk zine feature in it's few pages: poetry, political rant, perzine-style story, sparse art, and a collage. Not going to change my life or anything, but it's definitely a thing. 8
Kill-Away 1 ? 2000? Bay Area hardcore zine. Mostly band interviews with questions about who would win in a fight. Lots of xerox ink on this one and some interesting collages. I like how all the interviews end with a nice, succinct caps-lock blast: END OF INTERVIEW. I don't like hardcore all that much, though. 22
The Lucky Noodle 1 Claxton, Jo 2002 Something is definitely happening in this comic zine. It's disjointed and weird. The style on the cover (inside and out) is interesting with a little computer manipulation, but the inner pages are just regular comic stuff. I don't know, comics aren't really my jam. 20
Support N/A Crabb, Cindy 2002 I own a couple zines like this; zines that are capital letters IMPORTANT. This zine is about supporting people who have been sexually abused. It's necessary and vital. The zine starts with a discussion of consent and only gets better from there with deeply personal articles, comics and submissions, exactly like the punk ethos requires. Everyone should read this. 64
Speaking My Truth 56 Naeco, Willow 2001 Former sex-worker's monthly personal zine. Each issue wrapped with string, it seems. This issue covers an obsessive partner nicknamed Cling Wrap. 14
Speaking My Truth 54 Naeco, Willow 2001 Former sex-worker's monthly personal zine. Each issue wrapped with string, it seems. Dating advice from a contributor and a list of what attracts WIllow to a partner. My copy also has an "inventory closeout" catalog which is interesting. 20
Coffee: Life's Black Blood N/A Franke, Joe 1990 Does what it says on the tin and talks about coffee. Henry Rollins is credited with an article, even. People love this stuff. 18
Little Skull's Bay-Bee 11 Rodley and Carrie? 1989 I want to know a lot more about this zine. This issue is a collection of opinions about slam-dancing and The Sex Pistols. The art is awesome Southern California street style like all of my late 80's skateboards had. I wish I had so much more of this. 7
The Afterburner 2 Stewart, Rob ? An indie comic in classic style. Sci-fi and slighlty exploitative scantily dressed ladies. There are some ideas here, but it's all weird. Maybe needs an editor? 12
516 Pussy Girl Can't Fuck N/A ? ? This is a poetry zine, I guess? Pretty violent and lots of unnecessary swears. I guess it's edgy. I could be convinced to throw it away, I suppose. There's a shot from Taxi Driver on the back and a $0.48 price tag on the front. That might be too much. 18
Confused and Paranoid: A Winter In New York N/A Be, Willie ? A mini-zine about a trip to new york. Written entirely in haiku. And printed inversely on fluorescent green paper. 38
Bella Muerte Archives N/A Muerte, Bella 2005 A collection of writing by a self-professed connoisseur/creator of spiritual art. Lots of drawings with their boobs out and different fonts with unreadable serifs. Not really my jam, but some folks like this kind of thing, I guess. 24
Annoying Girl 9 Aplin, Kelly 1998? Interview with Tre Cool (Green Day), Pinhead Circus, and 30 Foot Fall, a story about revenge on a boy that chewed on some pens, some lists, some reviews, stories of being a merch girl, etc. I should have read more zines like this in the 90's. Not really a riot grrl zine, but often lumped in with that genre. Definitely just a pop-punk zine that happens to be created by a lady. 50
Bacon In The Beans: North American Yob 3 Johnson, Dale 2012 Classic zine style in the modern era. Contributions from around the world and some hand-drawn art. Stories of the 80s, some stuff about a really old hardcore band (still life.), and a review of Hellfest 2009. It took a while to make this, I take it. It's not earth-shattering, but it's a thing. 30
Saprophile 2 Landmark, Eric 1993 This is pretty amazing. A historical zine covering the A-Bomb, Superhighways (and the Nazi construction of the autobahn), and some history from 1963. Includes a reading list (of books!). Smartest zine I own, for sure. 44
Aborted Society 4 Rob From The Poor 2001 A crusty zine with a color cover? There's some CONFLICT here. Ha! Get it? Like the crust band? They are interviewed in this zine, too. Man, I'm good. I like the style of the inside, but the content is pretty standard crust stuff: everything sucks, go vegan, cops are dumb, hardcore, etc. 42
Psycho No. 1 Fan 1 Bogart, Seth 1998? Fantastic full size throwback zine by the dude from Hunx and his Punx. Classic fanzine style (like, actual fanzine from the 60s or whatever) and 80's heartthrobs in two color glory. The centerfold of Donny Osmond is perfect. Interviews with "trashy girls" and obsessions about various celebrities and bands. Awesome. 26
Wonka Vision 17 Luczejko, Justin 2002 Full sized glossy cover punk mag. So fancy. But weird formatting and accidentally pixelated images like a DIY zine. Lots of reviews and interviews (Hot Water Music, Rocky Votolato, a bunch of others), as well as an update on the stars of 80's movies. Lots of cheesy ads in the back for Philadelphia venues and various records. Aimed big and eventually made it, but this is definitely an issue from the early years. 91
Wonka Vision 16 Luczejko, Justin 2002 Glossy cover, punk insides. A bunch of interviews with indie record label people (Fat, Suburban Home, Jade Tree, Fueled By Ramen, Revelation) and a bunch of other stuff that a real rock magazine would cover if it cared about early 2000's indie/punk scenes. 82
Urban Guerrilla Zine 12 Unidos, Jay 2002 Almost full size (maybe A4? I don't know these things) newsprint zine. Really crusty bands with names with lots of swears or other attempts at offense. But there's also some awesome photography of shows. Why do show pictures look so good in black and white? 46
No Longer Blind 7 Stewart, Daniel 2000 Australian posi-core zine, mostly full size. Lots of interviews in what appears to be the last issue before he started Distort. Includes an interview with Suicidal Tendencies! Which doesn't seem very edge or posi, but still interesting. Also the standard reviews and what not. 36
Rolling Thunder 1 CrimethInc. 2005 Oh, anarchists. This full size magazine starts with a survey and a glossary, so it's non-stop hilarity, right? There's also a recipe for vegan french toast (with three pages of a story about love and protests). 112
New Noise 2 Root, Lisa 2013 Lots of glossy pages with hours and hours of layout work and font choices. But there are some cool interviews in this one! Rival Schools. Allison Weiss, BoySetsFire, Larry Livermore, Chunksaah Records... That may not excuse the QR code and the ads. So many ads. And so many Warped Tour bands. 81
Caustic Truths 85 Canadians 2002 Canadian glossy for the punk/indie scene. This is their 10th anniversary issue and it has Mighty Mighty Bosstones on the cover, so.... Did you know that Canadian bands can get cash from the government for being a band? This magazine is kind of Canadian in it's sort of unprofessionalness but wannabe professionalness. Anyways, standard rock format. 66
Under The Volcano 49 Black, Rich 1999 Late 90's interview/review full size zine. Alternative/punk and a little metal. I mean, Noam Chomsky, Luncahicks and Sick Of It All are in this one. There's a cool ad for the Leatherface/Hot Water Music split (the first of the BYO split series!). 70
Under The Volcano 56 Black, Rich 2000 This issue has an interview with Flavor Flav and Snapcase, so... it's a bit eclectic. Lots of fun indie/punk ads from 2000. Interesting piece of music history, I guess. 86
Implosion ? Lynn, Teri 1994? Interesting alternative zine. The back page is torn up on this copy, but there's also interviews with Drive Like Jehu and Alcohol Funnycar, so that's something. Also a San Francisco goth club review, a recap of the SF street fair and some other alternative stuff. 18
Bay Area Buzz 1 Richards, Kathleen 2002 Wait, the bay area needed another underground music zine in 2002? I thought there was always a thriving music scene there that was well documented? Well, these folks started a ine that looked to try to be all-encompassing, but seemed to start off rather slowly. It includes the local charts and upcoming releases. Also some live reviews, club calendar and other stuff that the SF Weekly takes care of. Tough crowd. 42
Dirt Culture 3 Garver, Ronnie 2000 Excellent design and awesome bands in this one. Bane! Fugazi! Anti-Flag! CKY! Awesome dark blue ink on newsprint and excellent use of punk xerox tricks. Fantastic looking zine! 62
Lizard's Eyelid ? Sandow, Sterling 1994 The early 90's were hard for old school punks. You know, Green Day and all that. People who liked Flipper and D.I. were sad because their scene was being infiltrated by people who didn't have to work for it all that hard. And it was conflicting. Maybe you liked Bad Religion and Rancid, but you didn't want anyone else to. So you type up a zine with interviews from your favorite bands and tell it like it used to be. Also, you put in an interview with Smashing Pumpkins because you like what you like. 30
Brilliancy Prize 2 Irwin, Phil 1998 Subtitled "Drink Around The Clock." So, I was bored almost instantly. It's also written by the dude from Rancid Vat, whose 7"'s I almost accidentaly bought once thinking they were Rancid records. So, I hold an almost grudge. 52
The Boogins 3 Farkass, Rene 1985 #102/500 hand numbered horror punk comic from the 80's. Lots of different styles of varying quality from the contributors. Even has a death count on the last page. Pretty rare, so hard to find info on it. It's from DC in the mid-80s, so that's cool, I guess. 35
Shredding Paper 18 C, Mel 2004 So many record reviews in this self-proclaimed "America's Record Review Magazine." Alphabetized by band, there are about 80 full-size pages of reviews. An overwhelming number of reviews. Some of them have stars by them. Wide range of music from Doors re-releases, to Morrissey records, to Oi! bands, to whatever. A couple interviews and book reviews in there too. Phew. 84
World War 3 Illustrated 27 Benton, Gregory; Tobocman, Seth; Worley, Jordan 1999 Political comics of various styles. Loosely centered around the concept of land ownership around the world and at home. To summarize: everything is messed up. 64
Urban Guerrilla Zine 16 Unidos, Jay 2005 Lots more photos of crusty punk shows. Also interviews with crusty bands (Kylesa, Amebix, etc.), reviews of crusty songs, and crustiness all around. 66
Toxic Flyer Fan Zine 30 Whitfield, Billy 2000 This zine smells weird. Show and music reviews, interviews, and some random things thrown in haphazardly from Baltimore. I've never been, but I hear Baltimore smells weird, too. 42
Salt Lake City Under Ground SLUG Magazine 192 Brown, Angela 2004 This probably doesn't count as a zine, it's basically a regular music magazine for Salt Lake City. Interviews and reviews and all that. Basically like any big town's weekly magazine, but monthly. My copy has two address stickers on it and some stains. It's pretty worthless. 46
Spank 26 Daugherty, Michelle; Daugherty, Doug 1999 Tons of reviews of some pretty good turn-of-the-century records. Cool selection of ads from Kill Rock Stars, Lookout!, and (cool for me) Bad Monkey Records. Lots of words at the start that I didn't read. I've typed up a lot of these and this zine probably deserves more... This copy has an extra sheet that they sent to reviewers, too. Fun. 54
Hit It Or Quit It 17 Hopper, Jessica 2002 Lots of letters begin this one, so I assume it's popular. Lots of in-depth essay contributions, too. Actually, the writing is pretty stellar. Apparently this counts as a Riot Grrrl zine according to the internet. I guess that's why I like it. 78
World War 3 Illustrated 23 Jones, Sabrina; Jimenez, Sandy 1996 A collection of political comics about education and growing up and stuff. This is relevant to my personal interests. I'll probably read it at some point. 97
World War 3 Illustrated 24 Pyle, Kevin; Cunningham, Scott 1996 A collection of political comics about jail. Yes, there's one written by Mumia Ab-Jamal. 97
World War 3 Illustrated 22 Benton, Gregory; Pyle, Kevin 1995 A collection of political comics about deception. There's some good stuff in here. No foolin'. PUN! 97
World War 3 Illustrated 29 Tobocman, Seth; Worley, Jordan 2000 A collection of political comics about land ownership (part 2). Still relevant 16 years later! 65
Plea For Peace / Take Action Program Guide N/A Park, Mike 2002 I love political music. And this program (not zine, I don't care) commemorates the awesome Plea For Peace tours put on by Mike Park of Asian Man Records and the collaboration with the Take Action tour (put on by Sub City records, the charity sub-label of Hopeless records). This program has all the bands and shows from the 2002 tour. It's pretty rad. 59
Jersey Beat 69 Testa, Jim 2001 MASSIVE amount of text and reviews and stuff in this one. Also, a bunch of things about Joey Ramone, of course. And an editorial about how mp3's suck (true) that complains about having a 56K modem (nerd). There's also a excerpt from Ben Weasel's novel. So much to read. 134
Cometbus 57 Cometbus, Aaron 2016 This issue is a collection of interviews with comic artists and others in the indie comics scene. It's an interesting look at a scene quite possibly on the edge of blowing up like punk did in the early 90's from a writer who was there when it all went down. Some different perspectives on where things are and where they are going. A good slice of anthropology! 100
As You Were 5 Clem, Mitch; Ehrlich, Avi 2016 Collection of comics centered around crappy jobs. 188
Snake Pit 17 Snakepit, Ben 2002 February issue, so it has a valentine centerfold and an interview with Slayer as well as the standard 3-panel daily comic. 10
Snake Pit 9 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Very early June issue. You can see the effects of a cheap ballpoint pen on the intro and outro pages. Extra pages other than the three-panel daily comics include a page for two dudes, Travis the Anarchist and Tom Turtleneck, a page for the letter of the month, and a page with comics for The Misfits song "All Hell Breaks Loose". Also has an ad for Snakepit Records, A CD-R label that Mr. Snakepit apparently ran. Centerfold is a family birthday picture. 14
Snake Pit 4 Snakepit, Ben 2000 This issue is subtitled "You Start The Year Off Fine." The back page has his address and says "Come on over and drink a 40 with me!", which seems appropriate for a zine that is mostly 3-panel pages of the author's daily life. The centerfold is a full-color picture of some dudes (and Danzig, I think). One page is blaming the 18-day lapse in comics on a girl, a page on the new format of the comics (whih has been standard ever since), and a page on a band from Virginia called Passed Masters. Covers 11/29/00 to 2/1/01. 18
Snake Pit / Amazing Adult Fantasy 29 / 18 Snakepit, Ben and Doyle, Tim 2003 Split issue featuring a showdown between the two comic diary zine artists. On the back is a website where readers could vote for a winner. Supposedly the loser had to stop drawing comics forever. So, Ben won, maybe? They alternate comics in the same three panel style. Centerfold is, of course pictures of the two authors looking tough. 18
Snake Pit 21 Snakepit, Ben 2002 June issue (Ben's birthday month) and he doesn't seem too stoked on making zines (15 years later he's still making them...). Centerfold is a Dukes of Hazzard themed birthday place setting! 10
Snake Pit 19 Snakepit, Ben 2002 The April '02 intro announces Snakepit's publishing deal for quarterly and annual collections of his daily three panel comics. Centerfold is a picture of Snakepit in front of a mural of godzilla destroying the capitol building. Also, letter of the month (from his mom) and a page on "what's hot and what's not" for summer of 2002. 14
Snake Pit 18 Snakepit, Ben 2002 Ben quits drinking! (For at least a couple weeks.) Page of reader art, tour story page, and a page of lists as well as the centerfold of people at a show, probably. 14
Snake Pit 6 Snakepit, Ben 2001 This issue covers 3/5/01 to 4/6/01, as well as a color centerfold of Snakepit's vacation. Not labeled as #6, but the dates are the ones before #7. Subtitled "... I'm Gonna March You Down The Aisle..." 14
Snake Pit 20 Snakepit, Ben 2002 The May issue's subtitle is the same as the first multi-year snakepit book, Life In A Jugular Vein. Centerfold is a picture of Ben with a baby and the extra pages are dedicated to a story about cops. 14
Snake Pit 7 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Maybe the first numbered issue? Centerfold is dedicated to Joey Ramone and had a Joey pin (not included in my copy...) attatched through two hold punches. Covers 4/7/01 to 5/1/01. Also has a story about meeting Glenn Danzig, an ad for Sound Exchange, a page for Ramones Memories, a page with some snake art, and the first Letter of the Month page. 14
Snake Pit 5 Snakepit, Ben 2001 This issue covers 2/1/01 to 3/4/01, and is subtitled "You're My Little Valentine." This copy seems to be printed out not xeroxed (hopefully not fake...), and the centerfold is in color and a collection of some stuff. Also a page on how Snakepit met the guy from the Dead Milkmen, an Olde English six-pack connect the dots, and an ad of sorts for the Snakepit Official Mixtape #1. 10
Snake Pit 1 Snakepit, Ben 2000 The first issue is titled "A Summer In The Snakepit" and is full of comics not available in the books. I think it's the first issue, at least, from descriptions I've read. Snakepit was a house in Virginia, before Ben moved to Austin. This covers all the adventures there and has all the three-panel comics from that time (although some go a bit longer), but no songs to go with each one. These early comics are pretty rough, but I like the snakepit style and the rough comics are fun, too. The pages are stapled out of order, which is a minor annoyance, but a charming one. The centerfold is a mix of mixtapes, a program from the 2000 Las Vegas Shakedown, and a to-do list that looks kinda like Aaron Cometbus' handwriting... 14
Snake Pit 26 Snakepit, Ben 2002 Snakepit started playing bass for J Church in this issue, but is also homeless and jobless. The address on the back is a P.O. Box that's labeled as a new address, but actually appeared first on issue 25... The centerfold is Ben playing bass (maybe with J Church) on stage. The extra pages are a story about halloween, a guest art page, and a page on albums important to Snakepit. 14
Snake Pit / Rick Of Ages 31 / 2 Snakepit, Ben and Rick V. 2002 Another split issue, another zine's last issue (apparently). Rick calls it quits in the intro claiming that his size is done after 2 issues. His art is wonderfully terrible and he still has an active livejournal, apparently. Awesome. Both do the three panel daily thing. Centerfold is a picture of Ben and a statue of Tom Hanks of some kind with a picture of Rick pasted over it. 18
Snake Pit 16 Snakepit, Ben 2002 First issue of 2002, supposedly came with a button for the first 100 copies (not my copy, of course). Extra pages are a comic called Wolfen (lyrics from a Mortician song, maybe?), snake pit top 10 movies, and a Slayer comic ("Criminally Insane"). Centerfold is a newspaper clipping with Ben as a kid and a magician. 14
Snake Pit 15 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Holiday issue! Extra pages are a comic for Hempire by Man Is The Bastard, an art page that is a skull surrounded by the phrase "Death is Cool" and a bunch of zine reviews. Maybe the first of the whole page New Year's Eve comics? Also the centerfold is kind of an actual modest centerfold of a punk lady in a Snake Pit Fiend Club t-shirt. 14
Snake Pit 25 Snakepit, Ben 2002 My copy has an extra half-page stapled in the back that is an ad for a Found Magazine party that Snakepit put on. Extra pages are zine reviews and a page about a local monster movie show. The centerfold is a collage of Zine Swap drawings. 14
Snake Pit Quarterly 9 Snakepit, Ben 2004 Three-panel daily comics from 12/1/03 to 2/29/04. Centerfold is a picture of Ben holding a tiny six-pack of some kind. Fancy color cover focused on Snakepit's trip to Japan. 28
Snake Pit Anthology 4 Snakepit, Ben 2004 The 2004 anthology. Purple cover, numbered as #30/100 and all kins of stuff about being a secret issue. He's probably disappointed I bought this on a popular online auction site with a bunch of other issues. It also says I'm not supposed to review it, so, it's just a collection of all the 3-panel comics from 2004, duh. 98
Snake Pit 12 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Almost political stuff from Snakepit for the September 2001 issue. He calls for a Falafel Strike (which means supporting Middle-Eastern owned businesses) on one page, but also spends two pages on a "preview" of a graphic novel about a gorilla and a rabbit that work at a record store (pretty clearly drawn by someone else, Ben...), and a page called What Lurks Within the Snake Pit Mailbag. Centerfold is Mr. Snakepit with an inverted cross and a bass guitar, I think. 14
Snake Pit Quarterly 13 Snakepit, Ben 2005 Covers 12/1/04 to 3/1/05. Centerfold is Mr. Snakepit with a life-sized Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Fancy color cover by Joey Mason. 28
Snake Pit 13 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Halloween issue! Extra page has Tom Turtleneck (from issue 9!), centerfold is a picture of a Mistfits cover band that Ben was in. First 60 issues had a CD-R of his "Bleeding Pentagram" solo album, apparently. I didn't get that, unfortunately. 14
Snake Pit 22 Snakepit, Ben 2002 Extra pages in this one are a comic for Born to Party by Municipal Waste, a page where he's drunk and has an opinion about comic book prices, a page of goofy ass party tricks, and a radio show ad. Centerfold is a picture of Ben Snakepit and Maddy who authors Tight Pants. 14
Snake Pit / Clutch 23 / 7 Snakepit, Ben and Clutch, Grieg 2002 This split zine saw both contributors actually continue their zines this time! Clutch breaks the 3-panel mold a bit by using 4-panels instead. Both also contribute a recipe page for the centerfold, Ben for cookies and Clutch for Greens and Tofu in Peanut Sauce. I like this Clutch guy. 18
Snake Pit 24 Snakepit, Ben 2002 Guest artist Tim Doyle did the cover in a pretty drastic changes from previous issues. Extra pages are a fan mail page, three pages of an alternate world where Joshua Wrinkle is the author of Snakepit, and the centerfold is a F.A.R.T. The Movie poster. 14
Snake Pit 34 Snakepit, Ben 2003 Both September and October 2003 in this one. No fun extra pages which makes me kind of sad, but the centerfold is a Samhain-themed Ben picture with a pumpkin. 18
Snake Pit 14 Snakepit, Ben 2001 Extra pages in this one include Snakepit's best of Austin 2001, two pages of mail, and a centerfold of Sesame Street (+ Ben Snakepit) by guest artist Dustin Pilkington. Apparently there was a contest to guess the songs that the subtitles are from, which ended this issue. 14
Snake Pit 11 Snakepit, Ben 2001 This summer issue has one of my favorite covers (Ben in a chair sweating with an angry sun). Extra pages introduce Hank The Misunderstood Skunk-Ape and Randy The Talking Beltbuckle, a reader art page, and a trenchant critique of Ghost World (the movie) vs. Ghost World (the comic). Centerfold is a couple people reading snakepit. 14
Snake Pit 10 Snakepit, Ben 2001 The one-year anniversary issue! Centerfold is all the first ten covers. Extra pages are a mailbag page, a page about a plaque in a dresser that Ben sold, a page for Travis The Anarchist and Tom Turtleneck, and a page that just says "This page is blank because I'm a stupid dumbass that can't put together a zine" which seems kind of self-deprecating. You doing alright, 2001 Ben Snakepit? 14
Snake Pit 8 Snakepit, Ben 2001 The centerfold of this one is Ben's mom. Oh, not like that. It's him and his mom throwing rock horn hands (there's probably a better word for that, right?) and a list of songs about moms by Glenn Danzig. Extra pages include a comic about meeting Joan Jett (jealous), going to a Misfits fan club thing (nerd), and a story about some guy named Mike getting caught with drugs (dumbass). 14
My World 0 Ott, Jeff 1995? Deeply political collection of things from other sources (stolen?). If you know the band Fifteen (you should), then you already know the topics of this zine. This one focuses on the "doing away with" incest, crime, prisons, child abuse, nukes, war, cars, racism, reparations, oil, rape, being a man, government. It's interesting to see that not much has changed in 20 years... 70
Fifteen. 1 Ott, Jeff 1995? A collection of lyrics from the band of the same name. Includes a Food Not Bombs contact list and a few political essays in the back, so basically just like a Fifteen show. Catalog mentions a record called "I'd Rather Kiss A Wookie" on Grass Records that must be the original name for "Surprise!" since some of the songs on that appear in the zine... 30
My World 1.5 Ott, Jeff 1995? An expanded version of the essays that appeared in the back of the Fifteen lyric zine with some additions (like how to destroy a car), a story about quatting at the green day house and seeing the longview video for the first time from the couch it was filmed on, and more general politics. 30
My World 2 Ott, Jeff 1995? More political essays, no art. A dense, but important 22 pages. Also more about bands selling out and talking about Crimpshrine, a reading list, the Black Panther 10-point Program and more. 22
My World 3 Ott, Jeff 1995? Political essays about deaths, wy Jeff has been arrested 322 times, squatting, the 1992 BART cop killing of Jerrold Hall, and other stuff. 22
My World 4 Ott, Jeff 1996? This issue is mostly dedicated to Ott's friend Lauren "Blythe" Bryan who overdosed on Heroin in a squat in Berkeley when she was fifteen. Includes some writing from her mom and a first-hand account of her last moments. 26
My World 5 Ott, Jeff 1996? #5 coincides with the first breakup of Fifteen. This one is a lot of contributions and original essays that tackle rape, the correlation of bras and breast cancer, racism/homophobia/misogyny/classism and more in the punk scene, a list of statistics on cigarettes, cars, guns, and more. 28
My World 6 Ott, Jeff 1996? Essays on the cult of manhood, abusive relationships, rape, and more. 22
Dishwasher 15 Jordan, Pete 2001 The internet says this is the final issue of a zine dedicated to the goal of washing dishes in all of the 50 US States, but the outro mentions Dishwasher 16? The internet might be wrong! Anyways, tiny type and stories from Louisiana (most importantly washing dishes on an oil rig), a collection of quotes about washing dishes at sea, a comic by Gavin McInes called The Dish King, and an interview with David Wagner who wrote a newsletter for Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union members to get them to rise up and take over the union. 38
Free Association Magazine 4 Wills, Amanda (editor) 2017 A really beautifully crafted architecture zine focused on home. Submissions from loads of folks and full color. #65/100 73
Everything Dies 7 Brown, Box 2011 Comic zine about some gods concieving the universe and what not. 34
Cometbus 58 Cometbus, Aaron 2017 Is this thing still going? This one centers around a possibly fictional diner and the usual punk characters that Cometbus crafts (or remembers). I kinda miss the handwriting, though. 44
Your Black Friend N/A Passmore, Ben 2016 From the back: "Your Black Friend is an open letter from your black friend to you about race, racism, friendship, and alienation." This seems vitally important these days. 11
Tomboy N/A Prince, Liz 2014 Not really a zine, but a graphic memoir. I love Liz's work in other things and I think this intensely personal critique of gender norms should be a critical addition to any young person's library, if they believed in such nonsense as books. 256
Beginners Guide to Responsible Sexuality (for men) N/A ??? 2004 I wish I'd read this when I was young. I think dudes need to really examine their traditional behaviors... duh. 10
Dream Whip Issues 1-10 N/A Brown, Bill 2011 Massive collection of travel zine adventures. 352
Identity Crisis: Punk Subculture and Community N/A Lorang, Jen 2007 A collection of vignettes of punk life through examining some of the characters from around the Northwest. 72
Cometbus 29 Cometbus, Aaron 1993 1/4 size version of Cometbus with a bunch of things about various west coast cities and punk life. 118
Skating With Shes & Hers 2 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 22
Skating With Shes & Hers 3 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 22
Skating With Shes & Hers 4 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 22
Skating With Shes & Hers 5 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 24
Skating With Shes & Hers 6 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 34
Skating With Shes & Hers 1 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Photos and interviews with skaters using female pronouns. 22
Smash The Skatriarchy 1 Bjesse-Puffin, Amelia 2019 Feminist skate zine. Awesome. 18
CHAZ/CHOP Literature N/A Various 2020 A small collection of 1/4 sheet flyers and a couple mini-zines regarding the BLM/Defund Police movement started after the killing of George Floyd by police. 16
Cometbus 59 Cometbus, Aaron 2020 Subtitled: Post-Mortem. Maybe punk IS dead? Cometbus makes the case via a year of research and a hard loock at what has gone before. 139
Burn Collector N/A Burian, Al 2010 A 2nd edition PM press version of the anthology of Burn Collector, issues 1-9. Personal zine from the mid-nineties. I haven't read this one yet. 286
Nothing Nice To Say N/A Clem, Mitch 2019 Webcomic turned into paper zine. Early comics are... problematic, but you can witness the growth of a punk over the years and perhaps take your inspiration from that. 248
Fuck Pandas N/A Paz 2019? A damn hilarious mini-zine about "how to save nature's failure". 6
The ANTIFA Comic Book N/A Hill, Gord 2019 You keep using that word but I do not think you understand what it means. Here's a history of the rise of fascism and the groups that rise to fight it. Keep up the good fight, friends. 127
Every So Often N/A America, Helen 2017 Full color painting zine about sadness and loss. This is my jam. There's a page that says "Happiness has made me weak." Incredible 26
Bird And Boulder N/a T., Flynn 2018? "Short stories about a sentient boulder and his only friend, a happy-go-lucky bird." Very clever and poignant comic collection with fantastic art and words and stuff. Good times. My copy is signed and numbered 51/75. 127
Snake Pit Quarterly 12 Snakepit, Ben 2004 Sept-Dec. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. 28
Snake Pit Quarterly 11 Snakepit, Ben 2004 June-Sept. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. 32
Snake Pit Quarterly 10 Snakepit, Ben 2004 March-May. Daily three-panel comic about the everyday life of a punk. 28
8 Bits Of Fury 1 Unknown 1998? I had high hopes for this one as it purported to cover punk and 8-bit video games. However the writing is atrocious and has some casual misogyny that I think is supposed to be sarcastic, but just doesn't fly these days. Maybe that's why I can't find an issue 2 anywhere... 22
Addicts, Idiots, and Losers 6 Samuel Zagula 2021 A little mini-zine of weird prose and moderately creepy drawings. Probably fun and/or terrifying for people who do the drugs. 14
Eavesdropper 2 Maxx 2020? Ultra-mini zine by the director of Push/Pull. Like a "found sound" collection, but in zine form, of overheard conversations and their locations accompanied by a sketch. 8
Doris 7 Crabb, Cindy 1996 Cool taped cover on this one! Also the usual Doris stories and anecdotes and cute li'l comics. 26
Doris 5 Crabb, Cindy 1995 Fun red cover, even though most stories in this one are pretty heavy and sort of sad. 24
Doris 4 Crabb, Cindy 1994? Early Doris personal stories of punk and moving and mental health and so much more. 26
Goodbye N/A Passmore, Ben 2016 Weird little comic of 3 sort of intertwined stories, one of polyamory, one of "real" punks, and one of getting old. To be hones,t I didn't really understand, but it looks nice. 88
WIll You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed? N/A Prince, Liz 2014 (3rd printing) V. cute little comic journal/autobiography of relationships in all the grandeur and minutia that only punk comics can provide. 80
Too Tough To Die N/A Buck, Haleigh and Yost, J.T. 2021 Branded as an "aging punk anthology", this covers the gamut of responses to being both old and a punk-leaning person. Wide range of my favorite comic artists in this one... good stuff. 328
One Hundred Columns For Razorcake N/A Snakepit, Ben 2022 Pretty self-explanatory title. Basically 17 years of comic submissions by Snakepit to the famed punk zine Razorcake. Mostly done in the classic maybe-not-so-good-at-art style and focusing on punk issues and events. 112
Doris 32 Crabb, Cindy 2016 This issue is full of interviews, review, stories, and tips. 46
Shit's Fucked: A Positivity Guide N/A Sarti, Gina 2011 3rd edition. Essentially a list of things to do when the world has got you down. When I finished reading it, I thought there should be some blank pages at the end to add your own. 16
Clock Tower Nine 17 Noonan, Danny 2021 A travel and other zine with stories like: Record Shopping In Mumbai. 8-Track Roadtrip. Best/Worst Pizza In Cleveland. 1,000,000 Things I've Learned From Postcards (parts 108-119). You get the idea. 30
Best Show Ever: A Celebration Of Live DIY Music N/A Giannini, Alyssa 2021 2nd Edition. A collection of stories from DIY shows! 32
Muchacha 12 Salinas, Daisy 2016 Decolonize Travel. Thought-provoking essays and art on analyzing our tourism practices. Especially important for white folks like myself to read. 45
Homesick N/A Walz, Jason 2013 Oh man, this is a real sad graphic novel about dealing with loss from afar. Real sad. 140
Tales From The Crapt N/A Snakepit, Ben 2012 A collection of random Snakepit comics. Not the daily 3-panel jobs, but other full page jams and some unreleased art. 56
Scenery Is Free 2 Norr, Mat 2008 A travel zine from a Malaysian author, I think? Written in English, not Malay, though. 67
Chasing The Night 1 Yanke, Erin 2014 Pretty standard 1/4-size punk zine with a wide range of topics, contributions from folks, and info. Cool spray paint effect cover. 46
Sticky Fingers 6 Gravy, Ed 2003 Gay culture zine with topics on anarchism, bears (yes, that kind), Mexican culture, HIV/AIDS, and more. Intersting vertical binding layout and cool screenprinted cover. 22
Rhetoric and Treason N/A Smith, Natalie 2000? Okay, you've got me interested with the Weakerthans lyric title. After that, a perzine full of stories of Philadelphia and beyond. 32
Assassin And The Whiner 15 McNinch, Carrie 2005 Comic zine exploring sad stories with simplistic drawing and straightforward truths. Last issue under this name. 36
You Don't Get There From Here Goes To Oaxaca N/A McNinch, Carrie 2008 Panel comics journaling McNinch's visit to Oaxaca, obviously. 32
Pills N/A Snakepit, Ben 2002 (Fourth printing, 2003) Intensely personal look at a relationship through badly drawn comics. 20
Snake Pit's Big Adventure N/A Snakepit, Ben 2023 Ben Snakepit moves to San Francisco! Also endures a pandemic with the rest of us! In three panels a day! 283
My Stupid Life N/A Clem, Mitch 2013 Collection of the autobiographical comic My Stupid Life and San Antonio Rock City, which are about dumb ol' punk life in your twenties. 156
Now, And Other Dreams N/A Seitchik, Darl 2022 Wonderful collection of sad and poetic artistic musings on life and dreams and everything and nothing. 232
The Anti-Matter Anthology N/A Brannon, Norman 2007 A vastly important zine wrapped up in a conveninent anthology of the post-punk, hardcore, and more scene from one of the pillars of the community. Intensely personal interviews and insights into the times and the people making thoughtful and interesting music that might not sound that way if you're not listening carefully enough. 250
Video Games I've Died In N/A Coles, Heather 2020 Punk rock mini-zine about death in a virtual environment and the existential crisis of experiencing the end of life via the investment in a digital avatar instead of the rick of one's true soul. Or it is just silly, probably. 6
Human Relations N/A Cometbus, Aaron 2022 Collection of stories from four booksellers about books they love. 88
Home, Like Noplace Is There (Lyric Zine) N/A The Hotelier 2024 A lyric/photo zine I picked up on the 10-year anniversary tour of the seminal Hotelier record "Home, Like Noplace Is There." Essentially, just the booklet included with some pressings, but still kinda cool. 18
Football Against Fascism N/A 1312 Press 2019 A retelling of the crack down on Iron Front Symbols in Major League Soccer through an interview and another article previously published online. 26