is shut down in protest...

In protest of pending US legislation, which threatens the freedoms of websites like this one and the freedoms of the people who use them, this website is offline on the entirety of January 18th, 2012.

Please help protect our free speech against the corporate and political interests which seek to take them away!

I also shut down today in protest of legislation that has already been passed. For example, the NDAA attacks our bill of rights on a fundamental level. I would ask that you contact your congressperson and convince them to repeal the NDAA.

Quite simply, what is best for the people of this country is being crushed by the will of the corporations of this country. When you contact your congressperson, ask them to pass laws that limit the power of for-profit corporations over our everyday lives. Get money out of politics. If it takes a constitutional amendment, we can do that too.